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Federer exposed the details before retirement, the first notification of Nadal to get a positive response

费德勒曝退役前细节 拉法的确是特殊的那一个

Federer exposed the details before retirement.

Federer has been retired. In the latest issue of “Daily Show” recently, the Swiss King of Uranus and Tredo Noa talked about some details that have not been disclosed to the outside world before.”In addition to my family and team members, La Fa is the first person to know me (retired)!” Once again, the two legendary friendship of the Internet world.

Federer said that the two conveyed important messages through the phone. “I hope to make doubles with Lafa, so I called him after the US Open, which made him very excited because he was the first to me.The decision to retire tells my team or people other than family. “

The knee condition is not very good, and I will never participate in professional competitions. I think this is the end of my career, do you know? “

After hearing Roger’s words, Nadal responded without hesitation: “Ah, my God. I will go, no matter what happens!”

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