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Father of Fujita Lianye: How does the father of a genius player cultivate their children?

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Original title: Genius chess て て て て の の の の の の を を を を を を る る る る る る る る る に に

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Translation and finishing: The excuse for making excuses is still different from mortals

Now you can often hear the noun of “the youngest in history” in the chess and Go industry.In the chess industry, Fujii Tsuo has become the youngest five -crowned player, and many young professional chess players have also been born in the Go industry.In the Go industry in 2022, the birth of the successive “youth professional chess players” has attracted a lot of attention.

Among them, Fujita Tomoi, who became a professional chess player at the age of 9, has caused a lot of topics.The writer is also a child. Here, he asked his father Fujita Yoshiko, and he needed to pay attention to what he needed to pay attention to when contacting his son’s son.

It is a very cute boy when playing, but as long as you face the eyes of the chessboard, you will become a professional chess player

Fujita Tomoi

Born on April 25, 2013, he began to contact Go at the age of 4. In 2020, he became the student of the Kansai General Headquarters of the Japanese Chess Academy. In July 2022, he became a professional chess player with the “British Talent” of Kansai Chess Academy.On September 1, 2022, he officially became a professional chess player.

Fujita Yoshiko

Bachelor of therapy, specializing in the basic actions to improve daily life, and adjusting children’s psychological state.

Starting from black and white flipping chess, I entered the Go world of Go and white world

Fujita Tyang started to contact Go at the age of 4. In fact, the initial opportunity was the black and white flip chess that had been exposed to before.That year he saw the genius chess player on the TV, and then said that he wanted to try it.

Fujita Yoko said: “I have been playing with black and white flipping chess, and then unknowingly played at home, I went to the classroom or school of black and white flipping chess, but I couldn’t find it. But I found it nearby.It is also the classroom in Black and White, and then asked if the Go salon could play chess, and then said ‘As long as we can sit, we can learn Go, so we start to learn Go. “

So when I started learning chess, is there any talent like now?

In this regard, Fujita “对 said:” The original ability was not strong, but it was relatively rare to be concentrated in Go at the age of 4 and 10 months.Very strong, the name of the subway line and station in Osaka, I also like to remember the “highest minimum temperature today” from all over the country, and do calculation questions with my brother 3 years older than himself.The song also remembers it quickly. “

Because Fujita Nagota did not know the Go at all, Fujita Yoshiko was hone the chess skills in the Go salon or in the children’s dojo.And rarely talk about Go at home.

Fujita Yoshiko said, “I can’t teach Go, so I think of supporting him related to Go. In this regard, I pay more attention to exercise, because I know that exercise can exercise the brain, so I am nearby nearby.The park, if it is a rest day, go to the Grand Park to play with him. Sometimes it will be rarely let him be at home before going to bed. For Go, the platform computer and tablet are used, but it should not be too lengthy.. Try not to let him be immersed in Go. Although sometimes it can be checked at once, this situation is actually very limited. “

However, after Fujita’s ability was widely praised by the people around him, he gradually began to seriously consider whether to impact professional chess players.

Fujita Yoko said: “This time is still difficult to master. If you go up again, it will only be more and more difficult to become a professional chess player.The timing. Become a professional chess player to become the world champion. This is also my expectation. I also listened to Fujita Pheey said ‘I want to be the world’s first’. “

The place where Fujita Yoshiko cares about is to give Fujita Pyeon a good chess environment.That is to not let Fujita Ling Yang keep staring at the chess records.

“Athletes have coaches and trainers. It is because of the help of these people that the athletes will have good results. Therefore, I am responsible for assisting Fujita Pic.They all watched chess music. Of course, sometimes he left him for a while, let him play table tennis with him. Then he kept his mentality relaxed, and sometimes he also gave him some time to let him go.””.

Find what you like, and support him to do it

Fujita Yoko said: “I also help children who don’t want to go to school now. They have various reasons. Sometimes when they are in contact with the child, I also understand” I said it will be better to him. “I feel this. I feel this. I feel this.Work is also conducive to me to help Fujita Pingyang, of course, sometimes it may not be helpful. However, I think it is very related in this regard. “

Fujita Kyoto recently likes animals and likes to watch animal atlas.

“Recently, I took him to the Kobe Animal Kingdom and wanted to see what the whale rumor was. That zoo can watch the animal up close, and I am looking forward to digging in the zoo for Fujita. But my wife and his ownMy brother does not have such a feeling. I think for Fujita Pyeon, you need to give him some fun that is not the same as Go. “When Fujita Yoshiko was brought to the child, he paid great attention to letting the child do what he liked and then supported his child.Fujita Tyang like to play a game of a rich man for a while. After breakfast, he was playing a rich man all morning.

“Studying in school is also a good thing, but I think the more important thing is to find what we like, and then we play with him. For example, go to the park to play, and then for Fujita LingyangI will pick him up to go to Go salon and dojo now. “

As a professional chess player, you will definitely need to be angry in the future, so what kind of professional chess player do you want Fujita Pheey to become?

In response to this, Fujita said: “I just mentioned it just now, I hope he can become a world champion, and I will talk to him if you want to study in Korea. Then I hope he can get the championship as soon as possible.Among the professional chess players, the level of competition will slowly began to decline after the age of 30. The brain circuit will also become slower. In this case, it will be the same as athletes. In the future, Fujita Fung will not only continue to rise, but also face ‘I can’t win the difficulty of chess. I need to consider now that at this time, he can keep him motivated to go. “

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