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Fans enthusiastically cheer the Football Association Cup decisive battle Chinese football recovery motivation

Source: Football Newspaper

Reporter Chen Yong reported that the temperature of the FA Cup final, Suzhou’s temperature dropped sharply, only about zero degrees Celsius. What is even more worrying is that when there is less than two hours before the game, Suzhou is still the weather in the rain.Can’t help worrying whether it will affect the enthusiasm of fans.

It proves afterwards that worrying is superfluous.In this game, there were 21079 fans, and the huge Zhejiang fans helped the Voworne and the Taishan fans. They were listed in the stands behind the two goals, and there were many fans on the main stands opposite the podium.

Such a scene is moving. In the past three years, due to objective factors, most of the Chinese Super League and the Football Association Cup competitions have adopted the game system and air fields. Only some competitions allow fans to enter the venue, including the 2022 season.After restoring the main and away scene, some clubs allow fans to enter at home, but the number of people is limited, and most home at home has not been opened to fans.

Without fans, it is actually difficult to call the real game.One of the most obvious signs is that players lack the enthusiasm of the game. In turn, there are fans’ matches, and the home team is more imposing.

Take the Taishan team as an example. In the 2022 season, their overall game rhythm is relatively slow, and more controlling the ball. There are only two games, playing a high offensive and defensive conversion rhythm. The first game is the match between Taishan and Guoan.The International Football Center poured into nearly 10,000 fans. The court is a professional stadium with a seat rate of only 15,000 people. The upper seat rate of nearly 60 % can create a warm atmosphere.In this game, Taishan and Guoan played a large -scale cooperation. The game was high -speed conversion and scored 6 goals.

The second game was the FA Cup final. Taishan and Zhejiang entered a state since the opening. The two sides were very concentrated and fierce. At the same time, the offensive and defensive conversion speed of the game was relatively fast.Of course, this has an important factor in the competition, and it is also related to the cheering cheer on the scene.

What is particularly moving is that the fans of both sides have been cheering!After Taishan lost the ball, Zhejiang fans were rejoicing, and Shandong fans were desperately encouraging their team.Similarly, when Taishan equalized, the fans of Taishan were excited, but Zhejiang fans were also encouraging.

This is the real football game.

It is worth mentioning that in the final stage of the Super League, Rongcheng opened to fans at home.In the 32nd round, Rongcheng played against the three towns at the Phoenix Mountain Stadium, and the fans entered 31,518 people.Rongcheng lived up to the home fans and performed well. He defeated his opponent 1-0; in the 34th round, Rongcheng played against Dalian people. The Phoenix Mountain Stadium poured into 37,928 fans, refreshing the record of the first two rounds.

As for the Dalian people, this season is excellent and has a lot to do with insisting on opening up fans.

At the end of 2022, the enthusiasm of fans on the Chinese Super League and the Football Association Cup made the outside world look forward to the 2023 season ball market. It is understood that the Chinese Super League and the FA Cup will resume normal competition systems.The professional stadium will be enabled, and Rongcheng, which has been enabled, will be even more exciting.

For Chinese football and professional football currently in the trough, the support of fans will be the biggest motivation for a comprehensive recovery.

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