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Fans caught the full lottery of 1.53 million high-speed awards. Earlier, 400,000-tickets were won

On January 5th, the 16th round of the Italian Football League in the 2022-2023 season, the Inter Milan defeated Naples 1-0 at home, and the 14th Fourteenth Fortune of the 23002 also opened the fruit.A total of 38 prizes in the country, 1.41 million yuan in single bets, 1084 second prizes, and 128,000 yuan in single bets.Among them, the first prize and the second prize of the first prize and 13 bets were won from Taiyuan 1401003225 betting stations, all of which were won by one person. The total bonus was as high as 1.53 million yuan.The city of Taiyuan Cai City brings “opening the door”.

On the afternoon of January 5th, the winner of the winner came early to the Provincial Sports Lottery Center to receive the bonus.Mr. W said excitedly: “In the past 14 games and the 400,000 yuan prizes in nine games, the top millions of winning prizes were the first time. I can’t wait to feel the joy of the bonus.It’s here. “It is understood that as a fan, Mr. W is actively watching the game. It is common for staying up late to watch the ball. From the Chinese Super League to the World Cup, from the Football Cup to the Five major leagues, Mr. W is like a few treasures.A must, Mr. W said: “I just like the atmosphere of the stimulus of football. I can’t guess the ending at less than the last moment.There is always a victory and defeat. “

It is understood that the results of the fourteen games in this issue are relatively average, but because the 14001 Fourteen Fourteen games did not start the award, 14.3 million yuan rolled into the 23002 period, making the bonus considerable. This is considered by Mr. W for Mr. WThe above is double luck.Mr. W also said that he feels very lucky. I believe that in 2023, he must have “rabbits” in the past.

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