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Fan Zhiyi: From the perspective of the Japan -Korea World Cup lineup, Japan is stronger than South Korea

The Qatar World Cup is about to open 3 days. When commented that the Japanese and South Korean teams were commented, Fan Zhiyi believed that the Japanese team was stronger than the South Korean team.

Fan Zhiyi said: “Everyone in Japan and South Korea thinks that one is personal ability and the other is the overall strong. They think that the personal ability is South Korea.

“The value of the two teams has reached more than 1 billion euros. From the perspective of the two teams, I think Japan is stronger than South Korea.”

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  1. Japan is still unable to play in Germany and Spain. The group is destined to be out of the group

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    Heartrainfluttering_65482 11月 18, 2022 at 2:32 上午

    Japan Qiang, still South Korea Qiang, what does it have to do with Chinese football?

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