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Fan Dike ridiculed: Cristiano Ronaldo has less opponent?Is he an opponent?


Van Dike ridiculed Ronaldo

Before the Golden Globe Awards ceremony, the information about who could win the prize had long leaked, and Messi had no doubt.Van Dak and Cristiano Ronaldo are the competitors of Messi. The Dutch attended the awards ceremony. However, Ronaldo was absent from the award ceremony of the best player of the Serie A. It is worth mentioning that Van Dark made ridicule of the matter.EssenceAlthough a joke, it is also a stimulus to Ronaldo.

When the players walked the red carpet, a Dutch reporter asked Van Dak: “Cristiano Ronaldo did not come tonight. Are you less competitors?” It is reported that Ronaldo participated in the Serie A awards ceremony in Turin in the evening.

Regarding this issue, Van Dike smiled and said in a ridiculous tone: “Well, opponent? But do you think Cristiano Ronaldo has the opportunity to (win the Golden Globe Award)?”

In the final ranking of the Golden Globe, Messi won the first, Van Dak won the second, and Ronaldo won the third.(Ivan)

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