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Famous whistle Sun Yijie: Rashford did not interfere with the opponent Manchester City and should not give up the defense

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Regarding Manchester Derby’s dispute, international referees and former Sino -Super Gold whistle Sun Yanjie gave her opinion.

Sun Yijie said: “Rashford was the first to be a horse at the time. He shook off the defensive players and did not hinder the defensive players to fight for the ball.Well, so when the referee’s penalty is extremely accurate. Defensive players should defend their strengths, instead of abandoning the defense. This is also an experience for defensive players. “

Regarding the controversial penalties, B Fei bluntly said that without Manchester City’s defender approaching Rashford, Rashford should not have an impact on Manchester City’s defense.Guardiola believes that Rashford is in offside, dispersing the attention of Manchester City goalkeeper and defender.Sun Yijie’s analysis this time, in fact, it was almost the same as the B fee, and did he remove Guardiola’s point of view.

Former Premier League referee Peter Walton also thought it was a good ball, and his point was that Rashford did not significantly affect the defense of Manchester City’s defender.Of course, there are also many Premier League players who think they are misjudgment. Came and Abonrahho both criticize people who make rules do not understand the ball.

A very similar controversial goal appeared in the 14/15 season. At that time, Bilbao faced Naples at home. Adris also did not touch the ball at the offside position. Finally, Gomez scored the ball. At that time,The referee also judged that the goal was valid.

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