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Famous Su Bit Pippen’s ex -wife Jordan’s son relationship: should be regarded as a nephew

On November 22, Beijing time, NBA famous Jaylen Ross publicly criticized Scott Pippen’s ex-wife Lalsa Pippen in a program.

The romance of Ralsa Pippen and Michael Jordan’s son Marcus Jordan was exposed. The two appeared publicly and had intimate behavior in public many times.

For the two people’s love relationship, Jaylen Rose commented: “Some relationships are prohibited in the past. Of course, I hope everyone is happy and live the best life. The best thing I can say for her isShe should see him as a nephew, not a partner. “

Lalsa-Pippen is 48 years old, Macus Jordan is 31 years old. Macus Jordan’s father is NBA Super Giant Michael Jordan, Lalsa Pippen is Jordan’s old teammate Sciton PippenHis ex -wife, the two had a 23 -year marriage, and had 4 children.

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  1. Guan Tian Guan Di regardless of others, no matter what happened to others

  2. You are right

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