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“Family China • Chess Federation World” 2022 Chess Finals open

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Chuhe and Han realm, gather wisdom; square inch chessboards, love the world;On the morning of December 15, 2022, the opening ceremony of the “Family China • Chess Federation World” 2022 The opening ceremony of the chess finals was held through an online video connection in Nanjing No. 54 Middle School.The event was directed by the Jiangsu Overseas Chinese Federation, hosted by the Nanjing Overseas Chinese Federation, supported by the Asian Chess Federation, the Chinese Chess Association and other units, and co -organized by the Nanjing Wang Bin Chess Club and other units, attracting the active participation of the youth chess enthusiasts at home and abroad.

Chess is one of the important carriers of traditional Chinese culture. Between chessboards, it contains the Millennium Chinese culture. It is benevolence, ritual and wisdom, faith, loyalty, courage, and the cornerstone of Chinese culture.The “Family China • Chess Union World” competition has promoted traditional Chinese culture and enhanced the mutual understanding of overseas Chinese at home and abroad and joined hands with each other. It has become a cultural exchange activity with international brand effects.

Lin Guanhao, Secretary -General of the Asian Chess Federation, Guo Liping, Secretary -General of the Chinese Chess Association, Wu Lei, deputy director of the Cultural Exchange Department of the Jiangsu Overseas Chinese Federation, Chen Zhijun, Minister of Friendship Liaison Department of Nanjing Overseas Chinese Federation, Chen Xiaobo, president of Nanjing 54 Middle School, and Asia, North America, North America, North AmericaThe person in charge of the area, the referee, and the players interacted online and offline with the students at the opening ceremony to sound drums for the finals.

The opening ceremony was chaired by Yuan Changjian, a 4 -level investigator of the Nanjing Overseas Chinese Federation of Overseas Chinese Federation.Lin Guanhao delivered a speech and said, “The creative purpose of the Asian Chess Federation is to promote the friendship and unity between the people of Asian countries, regions, and chess friends.Chess to promote the internationalization of chess.There are more and more people in Chinese teenagers who love chess. In recent years, due to the impact of the epidemic, chess exchange activities are mostly held in the form of online. I hope that in the futureFriendship! Looking forward to using the unique advantages of Nanjing Overseas Chinese Federation to integrate China and foreign countries and have a wide range of connections, take chess as the media, win -win cooperation, and carry forward the traditional Chinese traditional national essence of chess. “

Wu Lei said, “In recent years, the Provincial Overseas Chinese Federation and the Overseas Chinese Federation of the Municipal Overseas Chinese Federation have jointly launched the” Family China ” ” ‘ -‘ -Honing Journey ” ‘Charming Jiangsu’ “Year of the Jiangsu” and other brand activities.Generally praised. The city ’s Overseas Chinese Federation actively exerted its own advantages and combined with regional characteristics to further enrich the cultural connotation of Jiangsu.The overseas Chinese have a wide range of advantages, with chess as the medium, and the event activities as the platform to promote the communication of chess skills while continuously expanding the ‘circle of friends’. In the past two years, the “Chess Alliance World’ series activities have achieved fruitful results.Chinese teenagers have participated in this activity, and the event was also written into the “Work Report of the World Chess Federation Promotion Committee 2020-2021”. In this year’s “Family China ‘Online Camp, the” Chess Federation World’ Featured CampThe affirmation and praise of the leaders of the Overseas Chinese Federation. “

Representatives of Asia, Chairman of the East Malaysia Kuching Chess Association, Zeng Lingwei, Chairman of the Sarawak Chess Federation, representative of the North American region, Chairman of the Quebec Chess Association Rong Meng, participating player representatives, Malaysian 12 -year -old player Zeng Yuquan, and national referee Cui Yan.Speak.

Zeng Yuquan has been studying chess for several years. Before the epidemic, he had toured and exchanged offline events organized by Malaysia.There are many competitions in Malaysia in Malaysia, and there are many events every month and a lot of participants.

“Since the epidemic of new crown pneumonia, the emergence of the Nanjing Overseas Chinese Federation ‘Family China · Chess Federation World’ Chess Exchange Activities, let me have the opportunity to continue contact with learning chess. Through online competitions, I met friends from different countries.I have improved the practical experience. I hope to get the guidance of the Chinese chess master. I also look forward to going to China to conduct offline exchanges in the future. Welcome Chinese children to compete with us in Kuala Lumpur. “Zeng Yuquan’s calm speech won applause.

Xie Qionggao, Secretary -General of the Malaysian Chess Federation, Pan Xiangping, Deputy Secretary -General of the Overseas Chinese Public Welfare Foundation in Jiangsu Province, Liu Kun, executive vice president of the Nanjing Gulou Overseas Friendship Association, Li Zhaoshuang, Secretary -General of the World Economic and Cultural Exchange Center, Cai Shirong, Vice Chairman of the Philippine Chess Association, etc.Also attended the online meeting.

The students of Nanjing Fifth Middle School and the contestants conducted an online chess friendship match. Wang Bin, a cultural ambassador and chess master Wang Bin of Nanjing Overseas Chinese Federation, gave a Chinese chess lecture online.

Institutions that support this event include the Malaysian Chess Federation, Jiangsu Overseas Chinese Public Welfare Foundation, Nanjing Gulou Overseas Friendship Association, World Youth Business Economic and Cultural Exchange Center, Philippine Chess Association, Chess Board of Chess, MalaysiaGuild Association, Sanmahahan Chess Association, Chuhan Chess Academy, Star Chess Academy, the Indonesian Chess Association Bali Branch, Deng Barcelona City Branch, Batang County Branch, etc.

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