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Facing the aggressive little der, I can’t help but look back

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Last week, Nadal and Djokovic won their hometown events. As a result, one was in Barcelona for the 12th cup, but the other lost the ball in Belgrade.

On the court, their light shone. With them sitting, these two small games have box office guarantees.

Under the court, there are countless news reports about their reports, with a little wind direction, and only words can also set off a tongue.

No, “Nadal Boom Djokovic …” and “Djokovic also hit Nadal” successfully dominated the screen, and once again became a meal for melon -eating people.

01 Nadal finally can’t help it?

Nadal, who is low -key, rarely refers to the names of other players in public. Even if they are, they are extremely professional, which is limited to the competition.

Even the “Australian Bad Boy” Kyegus, who was always asked by reporters many times, was very restrained by the Spaniards, and it was said that the two were inconsistent.

However, during the long -range interview with the British media in Monte Carlo two weeks ago, Nadal rarely “evaluated” Djokovic.

The reason is that the number of Grand Slam championships is asked, the Goat battle that has been fried by the media and fans.

Unexpectedly, Nadal opened the box this time.

It seems that “Lao Na” is true, true -tolerance, no, living, and.

“Novak (Djokovic) is more obsessed with this topic, and more focused on …” Perhaps he realized that he was too heavy to say that the other party’s “obliterated (obssesed)” was too heavy, and he hurriedly made up.

“It is not from a negative perspective. No, he does focus more on these things, all of which is of great significance to him.”

“Just like he always mentioned or talked about these records, it is good for him, but this is not the perspective of my tennis career.”

“I have a healthy ambition (is it that others are unhealthy?). Of course, I am ambitious, if not because of this, I won’t come to where I am today.”

“But I may have a different ambition with him.”

“For example, I just continue to work hard and strive to insist on what I have done, try to put myself in the place where I enjoy the game. Of course, I will try to achieve as many achievements as possible.”

At the beginning of the Australian Open, the total number of Djokovic’s Grand Slam champion came to 18, pursuing Federer and Nadal, who had 20 championships.

After the championship conference after the game, Xiaode talked for the Triangle Goat (the greatest history) with Federer and Nadal.

“Roger and Lafa inspire me. I think that as long as they still play, I will continue to play.”

“In a sense, this is like a competition. It is longer than anyone playing. Who else will win more Grand Slam, we have competition in all aspects.”

Immediately after his coach Ivani Sevich also deliberately launched a “psychological war” in the interview.

“Novak (Djokovic) is now confident,” he said.

“La Fa will obviously win a Grand Slam (meaning Fa) … Who knows, they are too incredible.”

“I’m waiting for Roger’s return, French Open and Wimbledon will be more interesting. Let’s see what will happen.”

“The competition is there. I once said that both Lafa and Novak will surpass Roger. I still believe this.”

As for why Ivani Sevich refers to the French Open and Wimbledon? Because if Xiao De has won the two Grand Slam, he can chase the championship to 20 draws.

At that time, the argument about who is Goat will become more interesting.

Federer may not be controversial before, and now Federer and Nadal are equivalent. In the future, if Djokovic also mixes a kick, it will really change to fight.

Therefore, it may be that Xiaode always talks in front of the media, or it may be a psychological war that his team played. In short, Nadal really does not want to bear it anymore.

As a result, “Nadal Boom Djokovic’s” fascination with the Grand Slam championship “and various similar titles on the global media layout.

02 Xiaode: Is it a bad thing to say?

Back to Serbia, Djokovic, who played in front of Belgrade’s hometown for many years, did not choose to silence.

“I can’t speak on behalf of him (Nadal). I don’t know how he looks at the problem, but expressing his thoughts is his right, and how he treats me to talk about the record.”

“For me, I don’t think I am obsessed with anything in my life. What I feel is enthusiasm and huge desire.”

“I move forward on the path of achieving my goals, and telling it is never my trouble.”

“Maybe someone can’t do the goal. They think that doing so will cause themselves to be unable to persist, but I never feel that it is difficult to say this. I want to break this record or achieve a specific goal. “

“I don’t know why this is a bad thing? Not only about records, anything, but also the politics of the tennis circle.”

In early March, Djokovic just created a “best history” -replacing Federer and becoming the longest -lasting men’s tennis player.

His next clear goal is to surpass the Grand Slam championship record of Federer and Nadal, and this word has been talking about it for two years.

And not only him, but also from the German and Mom, who stayed in Serbia, also said on TV from time to time, claiming that Xiaode was already “the best history of the Internet”. The target of competing in the future has become Jordan and Woods.

In addition, De Dad John also scolded whether the Western world was upside down, and always fabricated the most vicious words to attack his son.

For Dad’s mouth, Xiaode’s response made people feel light.

“I love him, he is my biggest supporter, but I can’t control what he said.”

“Everyone has the right to express their thoughts. I don’t always agree with everything he said. He is just keen to protect me.”

If this is the condonic attitude, it is no wonder that Federer and Nadal, including the fans of the two, will look in the eyes and remember it.

After all, when did you see Ferga Milca and Nadal’s uncle Tony, to talk about Djokovic in a very uncomfortable tone?


Xiaode and De Dad

In the final analysis, De Dad couldn’t control the sin of his big mouth, but he was still on the head of Xiao De.

03 Fina’s alliance “anti -” little virtue?

In the past, Federer and Nadal had been appreciating each other, and the two had competition, but the latter never hung the word “catch up” to his mouth.

Until recent years, the small virtues are flourishing in recent years, and the gap between himself and Ferner’s Grand Slam champion quickly has continued to narrow, especially to defeat the two on the final stage of the Grand Slam, which has led to a subtle change in BIG3’s triangle relationship. Essence


Nadal Federer Sweet Selfie

Obviously, the two of them have been closer to the two, and the two also chose to stand on the opposite of Serbian on many issues.

One or two times, Djokovic’s relationship with them was a bit sharp.

For example, Xiaode led about 50 players to “rebel” last year, claiming to set up a player organization independent of ATP, claiming to fight for more prizes and discourse rights for players with low rankings.

However, Federer and Nadal quickly stood up and expressed their opposition, and combined with other prestigious players to reorganize the players’ union to support the management of ATP.

The support of the other two giants did not get the support of the two giants. Nine months have passed. After all, the Dugu Difficulty has not been able to set off any water in this confrontation.

Regarding the question of whether to vaccinate the new crown vaccine, Nadal had just said that he was willing to vaccine at the right time, and said it was “the only way for tennis to defeat the new crown threat.”

Over there, Djokovic once again expressed his attitude, that is, he did not want to be forced to be vaccinated.

“I have always been a firm supporter of freedom and free choice for vaccination.” Xiaode said.

“At this moment, I don’t want to involve it. Whether I say it or not, I will be scratched to a certain side. And now there are many controversy, some people want to vaccinate, and others don’t want to.”

“The only thing I hope is that people respect the decision that I leave the decision to myself. That’s all.”

“No matter who wants to vaccinate the vaccine, I can take vaccination. I respect this, but those who don’t want to do so can be done without being asked to be required.”

“I insist on the freedom to choose. I will leave my decision to vaccinate the vaccine.”

“This is a purely personal decision. I don’t want to be involved in or opposed to the vaccine. I don’t want to be hit with such labels. Unfortunately, this is the topic of the media’s speculation.”

“I don’t want to answer such questions … I hope people can respect this.”

In any case, it is better to advocate freedom or advocate science. On the question of whether players should take vaccines, if even BIG3 opinions are so different, it can be imagined that the entire tennis circle can promote the vaccination in vaccination in the entire tennis circle. How difficult it will face.

Is it just a contemporary will? Still the meaning of some power struggle?

It’s not easy to say.

(Crazy Joe)

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    WatchWushanYunduCangSeaWater 11月 12, 2022 at 11:46 上午

    Snooker 75 Three Jie is the example of the three giants. I hope they will never retire. Essence Essence

  3. Djokovic dares to dare to admit it. It is a man. Some people have no courage to admit the courage to pursue the championship.

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    BarefootdoctorChenCanhua 11月 12, 2022 at 11:46 上午

    Because there is controversy, someone will see that Sina tennis will see. Some people comment that if they are all right, no one is willing to comment and watch the news

  5. What is the fear of deleting me? No matter whether it is recorded or not. Having a record of recording, the record is broken. No one can be compared with Federer. He is the most powerful human beings in the universe. Anyway, everything is super bullish, invincible, cow, and forever, the most powerful big bulls are too good! No matter what others say, Niubi is over!

  6. The post -90s are too bad, and the level of 4 eggs and Murray should not be the same. Sina is also a naked provocation. I am a small fans, but I have never said beans and old fees. No matter what, some are congratulations. As a media, there is no bottom line to post such an article?

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