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FA Cup-Enkatia Mei Kai Arsenal 3-0 Oxford Union 3-0

At 4 am on January 10, Beijing time, in the third round of the FA Cup, Arsenal won the Oxford 3-0 away and advanced to the next round.

In the 63rd minute, Arsenal got the frontcourt positioning, Viera passed the penalty area at 45 degrees, Elnene rushed to break the goal, Arsenal 1-0!

In the 70th minute, Viera sent a straight plug, and Encatia fell off the goalkeeper after a single knife, and Arsenal expanded his advantage to 2-0.

In the 76th minute, Martinel’s counterattack sent a straight stuffer. Encatia turned offside. He calmly shot the door in the penalty area and completed the second good show. 3-0!

Arsenal’s launch: 30-Turner, 18-Fu’an Jianyang (81’4-Ben-White), 16-Holing, 6-Gabriel, 3-Tilney (62’35-Jinqinke), 25-Elneni, 23-Lotona (62’4-Zaka), 21-Viela (81’27-Malginios), 7-Saka (75’10-Smith-Luo), 11-Martineli, 14-Enkatia

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  1. Is this Saka and Martinari replacement?How do you feel that the location of them is not right?

  2. Honey Ronaldo is back, I hope that the firepower in the second half of the second half can be maintained

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    DongXiaoruilovesmovies 1月 10, 2023 at 2:22 上午

    This is basically the main force

  4. Rotate so many people.The strength is not large, and it is a good thing to maintain the state.

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