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F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: Westpan Pozon Pack Red Bull Packing the head row


Westpan won the F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

The 2022 season F1 ended battle Abu Dhabi Grand Prix ends.The Red Bull team Westpan played perfectly in Q3 and got the position of the last game of the season!His teammate Perez won the second to help the Red Bull take the head row.Ferrari team Lexier is third and fourth.

Hamilton, Russell, Norris, Aokang, Witl, and Ricardo are listed in 50 to ten.

The following is the performance form of this ranking:


2022 F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Volks

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  1. Then play |

  2. This is a professional racing exercise ~ First of all, it is not the biggest, otherwise the Red Bull clearly found that it is the watron. What is the wingman? It is all the main drivers, although the cruel but the main purpose of choosing is the assistant. It is undeniable that the Tao Taoist view is seriously lacking, but the original need for the car is not the saint

  3. It is too high to let the car look too high

  4. Rez over.

  5. You bite me and our two are still good brothers 👬

  6. All these black dung can finally spray for a few days

  7. Reply
    RealselfIfyouhavenodesire,youarejustMax33 11月 20, 2022 at 2:10 上午

    Do you think did you do not pull it? Did you watch the game?

  8. Dirty black powder has something to say [Doge]

  9. Crisis Public Relations

  10. [Thinking] Normal

  11. How many years can I think of Westpanpan? Doge]

  12. The first bend of the departure to make the incision, block the buckle, I hope Panzi will not know the lift [Er Ha]

  13. ? You can let you make a car in the comment area?

  14. Master Pei: My Hollywood is not in vain. Live

  15. The comment area is all psychological masters [call]

  16. Fake laughing boys [laugh haha]

  17. Did you speak with your mouth?

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