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Exposure Qin Xiaowen may no longer have a contract with the Shougang Renewal Contract to expire at the end of the year

On December 25, Beijing time, according to relevant media reports, Qin Xiaowen, general manager of Beijing Shougang Basketball Club, will soon contract with Shougang Group, and the possibility of both parties will continue to cooperate.

“Everyday Sports” officially broke the news that the contract between Qin Xiaowen and Shougang Group will expire at the end of this year, but she has not returned to the CBA this season, so in terms of the current situation, the possibility of renewal of Qin Xiaowen and Shougang Group is not the possibility of renewal contracts.big.

After Qin Xiaowen took charge of the team, she replaced the entire team’s personnel. She was willing to help Beijing Shougang to win the championship. In recent years, she has been contributing to the team’s guidance.From Lin Shuhao’s introduction to the “double tower” transfer, etc., Qin Xiaowen’s efforts in Beijing Shougang.

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    BananaWindowinvitedmonthly71256 12月 26, 2022 at 2:35 上午

    Modeling right and wrong, the demon words are confusing the crowd

  2. Be good and do n’t send it

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    ZhuXiaobaishiningbrilliantly 12月 26, 2022 at 2:35 上午

    It should also be replaced

  4. The most correct thing is that the media did not let the media flicker.Just look at the Beikong

  5. Beijing is not a question of the manager, it is the problem of the coach

  6. Mrs. Qin is a great person!A good person!A super person!IntersectionIntersection

  7. The introduction of players is successful. There is a lack of the introduction of the coach, and the good structure has been delayed.

  8. Needless to say Shougang, you ask the CBA Furniture to be willing to be a coach of Mabari?

  9. Qin Xiaowen is the culprit of the Shougang Shougang

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