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Exposure of Manchester United’s selection of Garcopy to replace Ronaldo has reached a pre -agreement with the player

Manchester United is close to the signing of Garker.According to the “Mirror” report, the Red Devils had reached a pre -association with Eindhoven striker, and Manchester United will use him to replace Cristiano Ronaldo a month ago.

The contract between Garpo and Eindhoven expired in 2026, but it seems that he will not fulfill the contract.The player may transfer to the Premier League in the 2023-24 season.

Manchester United is looking for a striker to fill the role left by Ronaldo, and the popularity is Garkerbo.When Teng Hahh had witnessed Garkpo’s ability when he was in Ajax, there was no doubt that Garkerbo was a player needed by Manchester United in the frontcourt.

According to the “Mirror”, Eindhoven has bid for Gakpo. Although they want to keep Gakbo, they also understand that this will be very difficult when Manchester United’s pursuit.The club hopes to get at least 50 million euros.

In addition to Garker, Manchester United is also interested in De Rong and Belinham, digging all three players, which may take 250 million euros.

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  1. Whoever chooses Manchester United does not work without that level

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    Speciallickingeggbagrice 12月 26, 2022 at 2:38 上午

    replace? Such an influencer does not need to replace at all

  3. I hope it is the second Vanni

  4. 吾 吾 咋 | | | | | |

  5. Put aside the performance of the League World Cup 5000 is definitely not expensive. Various characteristics have a good seed in the center

  6. fatThis Teng Hi took Manchester United as the Ajax Youth Team, and died in the hedge wool.

  7. You are waiting to be beaten. Garkebo is qualified as long as the Premier League scores more than one goal in half a season.

  8. Hiding all the way to go all the way

  9. This product has only diving ability. This is indeed not an average person who can replace it.

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