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Experts should hit more than 2,300 orders of more than 2,300 times in the last World Cup.


On the 3rd game of the world, Sina Lottery experts continue to play steadily! What I introduced to you today is Yingtian, a senior expert on the platform, helping the World Cup to take off! [Click to enter Yingtian column]

Teacher Yingtian has settled in Sina Lottery before the World Cup in 2018. During the knockout stage of the last World Cup, he also won the proud record of 11 consecutive reds! In the past 4 years, Yingtian has accumulated a total of over 2,300 orders for playing lottery and letting the ball recommend. Most of the solutions are based on stringing, analyzing countless various types of events.

In terms of football lottery, he hit the 31st betting of the Football Lottery, the second prize 540 bets, and Ren Jiu 743 bets. For many years, with his in -depth understanding of the major events, he has repeatedly served as a red list for the lottery, and the dream of the round -foot color!

Recently, Xiaobian also interviewed Teacher Tian, ​​and he also expressed our views on this World Cup. In the interview, he said: “I personally have a cautious attitude towards the World Cup. Due to the influence of many factors, we must look at the orientation of public opinion on the spot and make a judgment on the spot.” “I am more good at the analysis of the competition and key battles, and strive to play better in this event, and be responsible for all the lottery and fans who support me!”

In this World Cup, Teacher Yingtian followed, and the red single warm heart was accompanied in winter!

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