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Expert: Warriors have more likely to enter the finals than the Green Army, and there are no strong teams in the Western District

On December 10th, Beijing time, the Warriors’ continuous entering the finals would make people look at them.According to Chris Mannix of the Sports Illustration, the chances of the Warriors return to the finals are greater than the Celtics, because there are no real teams in the Western District.

When the Warriors VS Celtics preheated for tomorrow, Mannix pointed out: “This is very interesting. To some extent, I will tend to think that the Warriors will enter the finals easier than the Celtics, just becauseThere is no Bucks -style team on the road in the Western District. “

Mannix went on to analyze: “The sun looks like a first-class strong team, but since last season, I have to question them. The Clippers? Tell me Cavid Leonard proved his health. Dallas? They miss Jie?Lun Brunson is deeper than what they think. New Orleans? Memphis? Denver? They are all excellent teams, but if the Warriors turn around the bow, will there be a team that can defeat the warrior? “

The Celtics are different in the Eastern District. They have to face the enclosure such as Bucks and 76 people. Although they are in good condition, they do not mean that they will definitely win in the playoffs.As Mannix said, the chance of warriors to enter the finals is greater than the Celtics.(魑))

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