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Expert Haozi evaluating the ball predicts the football lottery winning exceeding 14 million tired capture 62 bets 1 and so on


On the 2nd match day of the World Cup, Sina Lottery experts played like God’s assistance, and what we want to introduce to everyone is also the expert Haozi who has rich experience, Hao Zi, to help the World Cup start the goal!

Since entering the platform, the recommendation record of the expert Haozi has been very eye -catching. He has rich experience and unique vision for more than ten years. You can grasp the team’s dynamics and analyze the game from multiple dimensions. On the rapidly changing court, grasping the characteristics of different teams to make precise judgments, and repeatedly captured super unpopular!

Up to now, Haozi has accumulated the ball in a total of 62 bets, 1038 bets of the second prize, and Ren Jiu 3474 Note. The prediction of winning the prize exceeded 14 million, including more than 4 million awards! In terms of competition, in October in October, there was still a wave of 11 consecutive reds. He not only pointed against the five major leagues, the Champions League and other games.

Recently, Xiaobian also interviewed Haozi Rating Teacher. In fact, in life, Haozi is a dedicated sports lottery owner. In the betting station, he also squeezed the analysis team of several places and the gods. Caimin comes to seek guidance.

In this World Cup, Haozi will also be accompanied by the ball, and he can do his best to contribute to the lottery players, and explain your analysis ideas in detail to help your betting. Watch Haozi’s analysis of the ball, help you get red all the way!

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