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Except for 1 player, Shenhua’s domestic player arrears problem is basically solved

Special reporter Gan Hui reported that for about a week in the past, Shenhua had two good news: the arrears of the arrears of negotiations went smoothly. Except for a player, the arrears of all other domestic players have been properly resolved; the Football Association Cup, Shenhua YouthIn the two rounds with Cangzhou male lion, he won 7 to 1 in two rounds and advanced to the semi -finals.

Shenhua’s arrears have lasted for more than a year.Starting from the second half of the 2021 season, Shenhua Club has suspended salary, including club senior management, coaching team and players. Every month, we can only get basic living subsidies every month.Life subsidies are divided into three gears, about 30,000 to 80,000.

Due to the failure to solve the problem of 70%of the total salary of not less than 70%before the prescribed October 31, 2022, Shenhua was punished by the Chinese Football Association on November 23, 2022 to deduct 6 points for the 2022 league points.If the problem of arrears is no longer resolved, Shenhua’s old -fashioned Chinese Super League team is facing the risk of relegation.

On December 30, 2022, after the final round of the 2022 season, Shenhua returned from Haikou to Shanghai overnight.Although he had been away from home for more than a month, the general manager Zhou Jun did not go home after returning to Shanghai. Instead, he immediately launched a arrears negotiation with the players. Even the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day were spent at the Kangqiao base.

Considering the change of the entire environment of China’s football and the financial state of the club’s reality, Shenhua’s solution is to discount salary, the discount is 50%or even more.For some old players who have entered the end of their careers, if the salary is folded, the loss has reached millions of yuan. This is their “old -age money” in the future. The difficulty of negotiations can be imagined.However, in less than a week, Shenhua basically solved the problem of arrears of domestic players, and it was unexpectedly fast and high.

For a long time, Wu Xiaohui pursues the management concept of “temperature with temperature”. He does not use majesty to deter the players, let alone “bind” players by high salaries.”Temperature” is the characteristic of Shenhua and the way to get along with everyone in the club.In the nine years of the Greenland era, Shenhua was more like a big family.Wu Xiaohui cares about everyone in this family just like treating his child.The player’s wife is looking for a job, and he will help say hello to find a way; the parents of the player are sick, he will help contact the expert …

If Wu Xiaohui is the big family of Shenhua’s family, then Zhou Jun is the “big steward”.For three years, he accompanied the team members to station in the area and experienced a closed life that was almost isolated from the world.Within the Shenhua Club who is accustomed to “brothers and brothers”, there is one of the constraints of a contract contract, and there is an extra meaning of “the death of a person who is a confidant”.Therefore, every time at a critical moment in these years, players tend to explain their lives for the team, and the outbreak of energy beyond imagination has erupted.The 2017 and 2019 season FA Cup finals are weak and strong, and they win the championship. It is a lively example.

This time, even if many players have lost a lot of losses, they think that Wu Xiaohui and Zhou Jun have basically chosen to accept everything for the team and everything for themselves.On January 7, Zeng Cheng wrote on his personal social platform, “I will have my heart to Mingyue, but He Mingyue Zhao Glit” is suspected to ask for salary from Shenhua.

On the afternoon of January 2nd, Gu Jiqing, who was about to serve as the chairman of Xin Shenhua, brought 6 other senior executives of the other 6 Jiushi Group to officially meet with the team at the Kangqiao Base, announcing that Shenhua entered the era of long -term.At 8 o’clock that night, Shenhua departed from the base to Suzhou to play in the quarter -finals of the Football Association Cup.

Under the dual influence of injuries and epidemics, the Shenhua lineup of the Football Association Cup was seriously incomplete. In the words of the head coach Wu Jingui, there were only 11 players familiar with each other.After the first round of the Cangzhou male lion, the fever players have further increased, and the team has to urgently adjust the echelon players from Shanghai.

The temporary pieces of Shenghua Youth Army kicked the momentum under the leadership of Wu Jingui. In the first round, 5-1 victory over the Cangzhou male lion, Zhu Chenjie, Zhou Junchen’s two U23 players and He Longhai, Zhu Yue, Zhou Zhengkai, Qi Long and Fernando, etc.Five U21 players started, and the second half of the U21 was replaced with Jiang Yongjie, Jiang Zhixin, Chen Shenji and Wang Junzheng of U21.In the second round, there were more U21 players, including He Longhai, Zhu Yue, Zhou Zhengkai, Jiang Zhixin, Qi Long, and Fernando. The 18 -year -old goalkeeper Wang Shihan was replaced by the bench at the end of the game.In the end, Shenhua defeated the opponent 2-0, and easily advanced to 7-1 in two rounds.

When the Greenland entered Shenhua in 2014, Shenhua did not have youth training at all.In the past nine years, Greenland first bought the echelon of Shanghai Lucky Star in 1995, and then completed the formation of echelon in the 97-98 and 99-00 age.When Wu Jingui was the director of the club youth training, under his leadership, he reached strategic cooperation with Jiangzhen Middle School and formed the 01-02 echelon, 03 echelon and 04 echelon.In 2016, after Yan Xiang was responsible for the youth training of the club, Shenhua established a cooperative relationship with Yangpu Football School, Yangpu Sports Bureau, and Shao Sports School.In 2018, Greenland invested funds to acquire the 99-00 echelon of Genbao Base. This team includes Zhu Chenjie who has been selected as the National Football Championship preliminaries and Jiang Shenglong and Zhou Junchen who have been very optimistic.

Today, Shenhua has a total of 9 echelons, covering all ages from the age of 11 to 19, and the club’s total investment in youth training is as high as hundreds of millions of yuan.Even in the past two years, the club encountered some difficulties in finance, Shenhua still insisted on retaining all echelons, and no young player lost.Greenland has taken over Shenhua for 9 years, bringing Shenhua not only the two high -weight football cup championship trophies, but also a good foundation for youth training, which will undoubtedly build the cornerstone of Shenhua’s next ten years.On January 11th, Shenhua will challenge Shandong Taishan in Shandong in the semi -final of the Football Association Cup in the semi -finals of the FA Cup. If you want to advance to the final, it is difficult to imagine.However, in the FA Cup in 2017 and 2019, Shenhua won the championship in the case of obvious disadvantages. Who can be sure, miracles will not happen?

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