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European Union’s top 8 lottery-Manchester United will encounter the Czech Championship in Arsenal

At 20 o’clock on March 19th, Beijing time, the UEFA Cup 1/4 final and semi -final lots were held at the Niono European Football Headquarters. Manchester United and Arsenal entered different half -districts. The Red Devils drawn Granada; the gunmen played for the second quarter of the Czech Champion Praigslavia for the second time in the past three seasons; Rome will fight Ajax.

The specific lottery results are as follows (the former first play home):

1/4 final

Granad vs Manchester United

Arsenal VS Bragslavia

Ajax vs Rome

Sagreb Dina Mo VS VILERaul

Semi -finals

Granada/Manchester United vs Ajax/Rome

Sagreb Dina Mo/Billyreal VS Arsenal/Praguslavia

Vice Secretary -General of the OEFA, Marcati, presided over the lottery, and former Arsenal defender Clehich was a guest. The Premier League (Manchester United and Arsenal) and La Liga (Villarreal and Granada) each accounted for 2 seats; Serie A (Rome), Dutch (Ajax), Jetka (Bragslavia), and Croatia (Sagreb Dymore) is shortlisted by one team. The lottery takes random principles, no seed team, the same group team and the same football team do not avoid.

The two rounds of the 1/4 finals were held on April 8th and 15th, respectively; the two rounds of the semi -finals were held on May 6th, respectively; the final was held on May 26 at Poland, Poland, and the Energy Stadium.


First pull out Granada

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