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European preliminaries-popular center 2 goals+oolong Spain 5-0 undefeated to win the first name


Spain 4-0 victory

November 19th, Beijing time at 03:45 (20:45 local time on the 18th local time), the 2020 European Cup qualifiers, the 10th competition on the 10th competition F. Romania, Fabian scoring goals. After Morreni, he made Ros Oolong after the second time, and Oyasabal was brocade. Spain won the first name with an undefeated record of 8 wins and 2 draws.

This is the 18th confrontation between the two teams. Spain 6 wins, 6 draws and 5 losses, of which 4 wins and 1 draw are unbeaten.

Cassara played the corner kick, and the header of the penalty area in the penalty area was higher. In the 5th minute, Morata made a cross from the right side of the penalty area. Gaia’s header was broken because of the foul. In the middle of Gaia, Morata was shot at a close range. Cassara shot the beam on the edge of the penalty area on the left. The 8th minute of Spain was led, and the Cavalhar corner kick was drawn from the edge of the penalty area.


Fabian goals, 1-0

Inigo Martinez made a mistake before the penalty area, and Puskas shot inside the edge of the penalty area. In the 33rd minute of Spain, the score was expanded, and Cassara’s right tactical kick passed, and the Billyreal striker Morreno shot a rebound ball at the net, 2-0. In the 43rd minute, Gaia’s penalty area was passed on the left side, and Morino’s small penalty area was drawn into the net, 3-0. In the 45th minute, Morana passed Morita on the right side of the penalty area, and the ball was blocked by Ross into his door, 4-0.


Morino goals, 2-0


Morino doubles, 3-0


Morino builds oolong, 4-0

In the second half. Gaza diagonal, and the right side of the Ramos’s penalty area was shot. Just put on Oyasabar, who passed the ball, Morata shot outside. Ramos was replaced by Albiol, and Paco replaced Cassara. The Saul corner kick was drawn in the penalty area of ​​the penalty area. In the 91st minute, Bestutz passed the ball, and Oya Sabar turned into the lower left corner, 5-0.


Okaabar goals, 5-0

Spain (4-3-3): 13-Karpa; 2-Cavahar, 15-Ramos (63 ‘, 3-Albiol), 4-Inigo Martinez, 18- Gaia; 17-Fabian, 5-Bestutz, 8-Saur; 19-Morreno (57 ‘, 21-Okaabar), 7-Morata, 20-Cassara (68 (68 ‘, 9-Pache)


Technical statistics


Spanish player score


Romanian player score


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