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European preliminaries-C Luo enter the national team 99 goals Portugal 2-0 guest win group qualifying


Portugal 2-0 guest comes out

Beijing time on November 17th at 22:00 (Luxembourg 15:00 local time), the 2020 European Cup qualifiers, the 10th competition on the 10th competition, a focus battle on the Joshi Bartel Stadium. Bruno and Cristiano Ronaldo scored the ball. Portugal won the second line of the group.

This is the 17th time in the two teams. The only thing in Portugal lost Luxembourg was in 1961. The remaining 15 wins and 1 draw. Andrey Silva and Grearo reached the appearance. Andrey Silva passed the ball, Cristiano Ronaldo was confiscated by 10 yards on the left side of the penalty area. The 25th minute of Luxembourg was almost equalized, and the header of Jelson Rodriguez’s penalty area was slightly higher. In the 39th minute of Portugal, Portugal broke the deadlock.


Portugal breakout


Portugal celebrates goals

In the second half. Piqi kicked the corner kick, and Fengte’s small penalty kick scratched the left column on the left. Subsequent games fell into a deadlock, and Mundyo and Dioro came off the bench. Cristiano Ronaldo’s free kick in the penalty area directly shot out of the left column. In the 86th minute of Portugal, the victory was locked, Bernardo was obliquely passed, and Dior’s shooting was barely blocked. This is his 99th goal in the national team.


Cristiano Ronaldo, 2-0


C Luo Celebrate the goal

Portugal (4-3-3): 1-Patricio; 15-Perrara, 4-Dias, 6-Fengte, 5-Grearo; 13-Danilo, 16-Broono (90 ‘, 18-Nevis), 21-Piqi (62’, 8-Mourinho); 10-Belnado, 23-Andre-Silva (71 ‘, 20-Diono), 7-c Luo


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