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European pre–9 to 1!Roman City Shuangfeng 2 shot 1 Chuan Italy 11 -game winning record


Zaniollo celebrates the goal

At 3:45 on November 19th, Beijing time (20:45 on the 18th of local time in Italy), the European Cup qualifiers started a game at Palermo at Palermo. The new record of winning team history ended perfectly with a total of 10 rounds of victory. In -Mobilai and Zaniolo 2 shots and 1 pass, Little Kaya 1 goal and 2 assists, Osonani’s first show transmitted and made points, Barrera, Romanio, and Ruiginho each under each. One city.

Verati and Mori were missing due to injuries. Manchini used the candidates for the last round, but the front and backcourts were rotated in the front and backcourts. Trident was replaced by Mobeli, Zaniolo, and Little Kiya. The rear defense line only continued to start, and goalkeeper Siligu and Dilomonzo, Romanio, and Biragi played. Armenia changed the coach 1 to 3 at home in September. Kashmannan took office, and he discharged a 5-4-1 anti-anti-formation form.


In -Mobilai broke the door

At the beginning of the opening, Babayang drove the goal on the left and drove straight in. A small angle of a left foot at 7 meters in front of the goal was blocked by Siligu. Italy subsequently connected to the two cities! In the 8th minute, Little Kieza passed on the right, because Mobai pushed the header of the head at a near corner of the header 3 meters, 1-0.


Zaniolo wears a crotch ball

In just 1 minute, because of the middle of the Mobai -middle road, Zaniolo’s right side of the penalty area was 10 meters from the door and pushed through the goalkeeper Airape’s strong crotch to the net, 2-0.


Callape Qiangzhong

Armenia almost broke the goal in the 22nd minute, Bhunucci made a mistake on the side, and Callape strongly broke the ball on the left side of the goal and hit the beam with a left foot! Because Mobeli and Zanioo played a kick -kicking wall, he pushed the ground at 12 meters in front of the door to be confiscated by Airape.


Barrera shot

In the 29th minute of Italy, the advantage of Boguchi on the right side of the right side was directly penetrated through the line of defense. Before the goalkeeper Alapeqiang, Barella rushed to the edge of the penalty area on the left. In Noo split the ball, Little Kieza entered the left side of the penalty area, the arc ball hit the far pillar!


The moment Barrera breaks the door


In -Mobilai’s single knife broke the door

In the 33rd minute of Italy, another point was added. Zaniolo took the top ball in his back foot. Because of the Mobai anti -offside single -handed single -handed goalkeeper Alapeqiang, his left foot pushed the empty door, 4-0. Before the end of the first half, the little Kiessa split the ball and came out of the distant pillar of the left arc ball on the left side of the Mobai.


Little Kieza Nakazhu

In the second half, Oracian replaced Barrara and staged his first show. Zaniollo scores the ball, the little Kiessa cuts in the left, and the arc ball of the penalty area hit the distant pillar! Italy broke the door in 64 minutes. If the right side of the Ri Niri was passed on, the front side of the front of the Zanio Luo’s penalty shot into the lower right corner, 5-0.

Izuo replaced Bonucci and then helped the central defender’s partner to break the door. In the 72nd minute, Zanio Luo kicked the corner kick on the left side. Izuo was blocked by Airape 9 meters in front of the goal. Romanio’s left foot on the edge of the penalty area was shot into the lower left corner, 6-0.

In the 75th minute, Osonani went to the penalty area on the right and was stumbled by Huff Heni! Ruiginho promoted the lower right corner, 7-0.

Merett replaced Sili. In the 77th minute, Italy counterattacked. Little Kiessa cut into the penalty area on the left. Osonani threw his head at the lower left corner 9 meters in front of the door, 8-0!

The leading Italy was relaxed, and Armenia scored a comfortball in the 79th minute. 8. Italian recovered 8 goals after 2 minutes. Osonani made a left foot on the right side of the penalty area. Little Kieya scored a header at a header 5 meters in front of the goal, 9 to 1.

Italy (4-3-3): 1-Sili Guru (77 ‘Merett)/2-Di Lenzo, 19-Bonucci (69’ Izuo), 13-Romanio, 3-Bira Bira Ji/18-Barrera (46 ‘Oraci), 8-Ruiginho, 6-Tonali/11-Zaniolo, 17-In Mobai, 14-Little Kiessa

Armenia (5-4-1): 16-Erapeqiang/19-Anbar Chuman, 3-Harroyan, 2-Kalisir, 15-Ichainanan (69 ‘Sakisso Fu), 13-Hoffhani/8-Balhegoyan, 5-Grogo Liang (61 ‘Simonan), 17-Yedigama (82’ Aviji), 9-Baban/20 -Calapeqiang


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