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European Cup-Men God 2 Poor penalty Spanish penalties eliminated 10 people in Switzerland


10 people in Spain eliminated Switzerland

At 00:00 on July 3, Beijing time (19:00 on the 2nd of Russia’s local time), the first 1/4 final of the 2020 European Cup competed at St. Petersburg Stadium. Pakistan made Zakaria oolong, Shaqili equalized, and Froy was sent off. Switzerland’s 4-round penalty and 3 shots, Spanish penalties won 3-1. [The European Cup 1/4 final profit cheats are here!] [Download the app to double the profit!]

This is the 23rd team in the two teams, and Spain 16 wins, 5 draws and 1 loss. Among the 7 officials, Spain 4 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss, and the only victory in Switzerland was in 2010. Switzerland appeared only with Zakaria’s rotation. Two people in Spain, Bao Torres and Alba played.

Spain led the 8th minute, Kokai’s corner kick drove to the periphery, and Alba’s shot hit Zakaria and turned to the net. Then Kai Kai’s free kick shot slightly higher, and Astpi Kui Kuita’s corner kick attacked the header and was taken off. Switzerland was pressed with corner kicks, but the header of Akkiggi and Vidmel was higher.


Spain 1-0


Ke Kai’s free kick is slightly high


Aspili Kuita’s header is confiscated


Swiss continuous corner kicks are high in pressure

In the second half. In the 56th minute, Rodriguez kicked the corner, and Zakaria’s header of the penalty area scored the left column. Balgas passed the ball, and Zubel was shot on the left side of the penalty area and was rescued by Simon. Switzerland equalized in the 68th minute. Lattter siege the teammate Bao Torres, and Froyler passed on the right side of the penalty area, and Shatrich pushed the net at 10 yards to the net, 1-1. In the 77th minute, Frehere flying Morino was sent off by the red card.


Zakaria header goes to the goal to wipe the pillar partial


Zubert shot and was rescued by Simon


Switzerland 1-1


Frehere’s straight red departure

Increase. Alba passed on the left, and Morino shot close. Alba was shot in front of the penalty area on the left. Rodriguez barely surrounded, and Morino’s small ejection shot in front of the penalty area again. He then rescued Oyasabar’s shot on the right side of the penalty area. In the second half of the time, Olmer’s low shot on the left side of the penalty area was confiscated. Besutz’s head -of -the -goal was confiscated.


Morino’s close -up bias


Alba shot was pumped out


Somer’s continuous rescue

Enter the penalty kick. In the first round, Besutz made a penalty penalty and played back in the left side column. Gavanovic made a penalty, 0-1; the second round, Olmer shot into the upper left corner, and the lower left corner of the Sher was fluttered by Sima Bo. Out, 1-1; in the third round, Manchester City midfielder Rhoderi, who had just appeared in the substitute, was thrown out by Somo, and Simon once again hit the penalty shot from Akanji, 1-1; in the fourth round, Morino shot, Balgas shot, 2-1; in the fifth round, Oyasabar shot, 3-1. Spain promoted to the semi -finals.


Bestutz’s penalty pillar


Schor shot, Simon fluttered out


Rodrine shot and was fluttered by Somo


Akanji shot, Simon rescued again



Switzerland (3-4-1-2): 1-Somers; 4-Elvidi, 5-Akanji, 13-Rodriguez; 3-Vedmel (100 ‘, 2-Miba Cloth), 5-Zakaria (100 ‘, 22-Schor), 8-Frehere, 14-Zubel (92’, 16-Fhahancht); 23-Shati (81 (81 ‘, 15-Sowu); 7-Enbo Luo (23’, 11-Balgas), 9-Sevilovic (82 ‘, 19-Gavanovic)

Spain (4-3-3): 23-Simon; 2-Aspili Kuika, 4-Bao-Torres (113 ‘, 10-Tiago), 24-Robord, 18-Alba; 8-Kokkai (91 ‘, 6-Luely), 5-Bestz, 26-Pedric (119’, 16-Rodrhla); 11-Ferlan Torres (91 ‘, 21-Oka Saisa Balt), 7-Morata (54 ‘, 9-Morino), 22-Salavia (46’, 19-Ormer)


Technical statistics


Swiss player score


Spanish player score


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  3. Spain has eaten three times in a row. [Hee hee]

  4. The wind of smiling, senior fans

  5. The quality of the heart

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  7. Switzerland is one of the richest countries in Europe, it can attract or not Young and outstanding players are naturalized. Moreover, there are too many European football talents. Many outstanding players transfer to small countries in their own country.

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  10. I know that spray, saying that a Golden ball can be contacted, you can contact Messi. You can be contacted. You Where can your pattern go?

  11. The Swiss red card is slightly heavier, but he leaves his head; Belgium is the first, and the championship is lacking.

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