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European Cup Golden Boots odds: Portugal was eliminated by Ronaldo and still led Hick to chase


Czech centers that have scored 4 goals Hick

On June 28, Beijing time, the European Cup has reached the 1/8 final. In the ending knockout, Portugal, where Ronaldo is located was eliminated by Belgium, the Netherlands was eliminated by the Czech Republic, and Italy eliminated Austria, and Denmark eliminated Wales. Therefore, the latest golden boots of this European Cup is also released immediately:

Cristiano Ronaldo, who has been eliminated so far, is temporarily led with a odds of 1.25 for a loss of 2.25. At present, Ronaldo’s center is the center from the Czech team. Human eyes were shining. In the next game, the Czech Republic will compete with the Danish team in the 1/4 final. If Hick can still score the goal, he will tie the number of Ronaldo on the Sagittarius list and Less advantageous power is reached to the top!

Behind Hick’s Rakaku, who scored 3 goals, Benzema and In Mobai, who scored 2 goals, was interesting that Mbappe currently ranked 6th in one goal. From the perspective of the schedule, the champion team has at least 3 games to play, and these shooters have the possibility of eruption at any time. The top position of Ronaldo’s list is already at stake.

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