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European Cup championship odds: England 1 compensation 2.3 to the top of Spain No. 2


England ultra -low compensation rose to the first

On July 1, Beijing time, the European Cup 1/4 final will start at 00:00 on July 3, while the officials of China are currently adjusted to the winning odds of winning the European Cup. England won the championship odds from 1 before 1.3 to 1.3, and surpassed Spain to jump first; Spain lost 4 to the second place; Italian championship odds rose to the third ranking of 1.8; Belgian 1 compensation 5.25 continued to rank fourth.

With the deepening of the game, the four members of the “Death Group” have been out of the case. Prior to the 1/8 finals, the “death half districts” composed of Belgium, Portugal, Italy, France, Croatia, and Spain also left only Italy, Spain, and Belgium. They will form a new “death half district”. In the quarter -finals, Belgium will fight with Italy first, while Spain will play against the weakest Switzerland in the upper half.

In contrast, there are no opponents in the half -district where England is located. Basically, the pattern of “guaranteed”. The road to advance to the semi -finals is obviously a lot more flat than the above 3 teams. Leveraged the top of winning the championship.

In addition to the above -mentioned giant teams, Denmark, which has won two consecutive games, eliminated Switzerland in France in the 1/8 knockout, and the Czech Republic that defeated the Netherlands in the cold, and successively lost 1, 19, 19, and 1 loss. 25, 6, and 7 in 25.

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