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Erik: No team is better than Spain to learn Nadal’s response mistakes

Spain will compete with Switzerland to compete for the top 4 seats in the European Cup. At the pre -match press conference, when asked if there was a team better than Spain in this European Cup, Erik answered very simply: “No.” [The European Cup 1/4 final profit cheats are here!] [Download the APP profit for double!]

When asked about the goal, Erik said: “The team’s attitude is very good, and there are indeed some personal mistakes. I think we are one of the best teams here in defense.”

“The number of GPS systems in training is impressive. The problem is more psychologically, not physical. If our mental state is good, our body will do well.”

Speaking of the goalkeeper Ulei Simon’s mistake, “You don’t have to make yourself a martyr. It is not important to make mistakes. What is important is what to do after making mistakes. You must reflect after the game. Nadal said that you must have fish like fish The memory is right. If you lose the ball and think that the ball is not useful, you must work hard for the next goal. Waiti is doing this, he is very good. “

Speaking of the first lineup rotation problem, “I am very satisfied with our performance so far. I am confident in all players. I don’t know if there will be changes. All 24 people can play.”

Eric emphasized that it would be very difficult against Switzerland. The two teams had two confrontations in the European Union last year, and Spain 1 wins and 1 draw. “Both teams know each other very well. This may be good and bad. For fans, they may not have any big -name players, but they may not have any big players, but They are strong as a team. Whether they offensive or their oppression, it will be very difficult for us. “

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