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Enterprise boss captured 8.22 million Lotto bluntly, but I did not expect that the small and medium -sized prizes were satisfied

On December 19, the number of Sports Lottery Super Lotto issued the number “10, 20, 29, 30, 35” in the previous area, “06, 09” in the rear area, and 5 bets first -class first -class first -class first -class first -class nationwide nationwide issuedIn the prize, Linyi Shuixian County Vegetables won a basic bet first prize with a bile trailer in the front 4 gallbladder, 31 drag+3 drag of the back zone, with a prize of 8.22 million!

Recently, the prize winner, Mr. Chen (Hua), accompanied by his family to the Linyi Sports Lottery Center, successfully completed the re -prize procedure and received the bonus.Mr. Chen’s winning ticket is a bile trailer for 4 gallbladder, 31 drag+3 drag in the back of the front area.60 bets, 8.44 million yuan in single ticket!Everyone was in a good spirit. At the scene of the prize, Mr. Chen happily shared his winning experience.

Mr. Chen said that he has operated a company himself, and he has bought lottery for more than ten years and loves Big Lotto games.In the long -term lottery practice, he likes to buy Big Lotto in a “bold drag betting” method. He himself thinks that this number selection method covers a lot of numbers, and can save a lot of lottery funds.Speaking of this winning, Mr. Chen still said that he “knows” the sports lottery super lottery ten years ago, and later gradually developed into his own hobbies.”I prefer to buy bile trailer. I choose a few numbers in each issue, and then match my lucky number ’10’ to form the front region gallbladder code. Four bile codes in the front area are indeed difficult to increase. Gallbladder.The code must be fully paid to the prerequisite, but if you buy it, you can also get a full sense of accomplishment, and you can also control the cost of buying lottery. Of course, I think that the bile trailer also has an attractive feature to look at it.When you are not allowed to get which number, you don’t want to spend too much. At this time, the charm of the gall and dragging tickets is reflected. You see that I use 4 bold and 31 drags in the front area this time, so you don’t need to worry about which number is removed.Once winning, there are many small prizes at various prizes. In short, I personally like this way of betting. “

Mr. Chen admits that although he has not won the prize in the past, occasionally a small prize is also very content.Before the end of 2022, he received the “big red envelope” of Super Lattore, which provided his company with mobile funds, so that he was very confident in operating carefully in 2023.And participating in sports lottery public welfare, adding “lottery” to life can also do public welfare.

At the end of the year, the first prize of the Dali Lotto came out in Shandong, bringing luck and joy to the majority of buyers.There will be luck and joy to come with a super Lottery. In 2023, Super Lotto will also be with everyone. I wish every lottery buyer can meet their own luck and surprises.

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