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“Empty Dance Teenagers” activity launched promotion

The Chao Role Organizing Committee merged the minor group of the two major events, and established a separate minor air competition, that is, “empty dance teenagers”. With the increase of minors’ hobbies for empty dance, in order to expand the dance of minors to dance, In the mastering of sports project skills, the fate competition will be independent of the independent minor’s competition for empty dance; the “empty dance boy” will be held in the summer. Among them, the suspension dancer will issue an HDC certificate, and the steel pipe dance player will issue a CPC certificate. The empty dance teenager was jointly organized by the China Steel Tube Dance Championship and the Chinese suspension dance championship. It advocates “the childhood of the upward power flying dance”, which will be pushed to society as a child’s interest in interest.

After investigation, children who practice air dance have gradually developed a positive spirit and high -quality physical fitness, which has a positive significance for the growth of children, that is, not boring, high training value, and air dance is worth promoting among children. The fate competition will also gradually launch a series of measures about minors to learn empty dance to control the safety teaching of minors. It is really harmless to children, and avoiding hidden training for minors.

The empty dance teenager of the fate competition will drive minors to unlock new extra -curricular skills. While helping physical and mental joy, helping children develop positive mentality and willpower. It is understood that in mid -July 2022, an empty dance boy will be officially launched. Empty dance training will officially enter the minor world and bring children’s sports training programs for children.


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