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Employee Human -machine Selection number to capture dual -color ball 6.32 million: who can win the prize.


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Recently, the story of the Fucai Two -color Ball Awards is one after another in Jiangsu, and the integrity of people and the world behind the Lucky Awards story continues to be staged.

2022141 Double -color ball awards, Wuxi Huishan District 32025288 Tower Hi John’s first prize, winning lottery lottery is a single ticket of 10 yuan and 5 bets. Among them, the second bet number firmly locks the first prize.A few days ago, the winner Mr. Shen came to the Provincial Fucai Center and received a bonus of more than 6.32 million yuan alone.Mr. Shen was 30 years old, and he said “like a dream” for the joy of the Tianzu Awards.Indeed, the arrival of this huge bonus was unexpected, and the “Red Mother” he took on the front line of the blessing prize was Ms. Wu.

During the interview, Mr. Shen said that without Ms. Wu, there was no today’s two -color ball award.Because from the occurrence of the award number to the preservation of the prize lottery to the award information, it is closely related to the 32025288 site.As the guardian of the award lottery, Ms. Wu contributed.Two years ago, Mr. Shen, Henan, came to Wuxi to work and happened to live near Ms. Wu’s site.The site is also a convenience public welfare station. Mr. Shen often comes here to pick up the courier.After being recommended by Ms. Wu, Xiao Shen also played the lottery after work.He said that he came to work in a different place with a single shot, and no friends or family members were here. The welfare lottery made him feel warm.Ms. Wu often share the knowledge of lottery selection with him, game rules, and betting skills. Xiao Shen has always been happy, and nostalgia has reduced a lot.

It is worth mentioning that the 5 bet number of this lottery ticket is not original.The number he originally purchased has not been hit. Once, Ms. Wu, the owner of the station, randomly played a 10 yuan lottery ticket, and this lottery was chased for multiple issues.Until before returning to his hometown, Mr. Shen also kept the funds for the lottery to let Ms. Wu bet on this random number every time.”I just leave a thought, because I go home temporarily, but I like Wuxi, and the people and things here make me. So this lottery is a proof of my entrusted feelings. I always feel that I can come back someday, butI never expected that it would be so fast, and it was the more than 6.32 million yuan award led me back to the place of dream! “Mr. Shen said happily.

Wuxi is the place where Xiao Shen, a foreign migrant worker, is a blessing place for him to fall from the sky.From the initial move by a welfare lottery, Ms. Wu’s guardian award at the station owner Wu and other sincere awards, the sincere action of his return, seemed extremely warm in this different winter.

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