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Emery: Obameyan is a good manner in front of the door.

Emery said Billyreal “looking forward to Obameyan’s best performance on the UEFA Cup” and described the Arsenal striker as a “killer”.

Villarreal will go to the Chief Stadium on Thursday evening to participate in the second round of the semi-final against Arsenal, where they will defend the 2-1 lead.

Obameyan did not participate in the competition in Spain and continued his malaria treatment, but when Billyreal arrived in North London, the Ghana foot could return to the stadium.

Emery worked with Obameyan for a year and a half while coaching Arsenal, and was fired in November 2019. Emery was worried that the Gabon’s foot might pose a threat to Biliarell because they are competing for the UEFA Cup finals.

“He is a killer, always,” the Spaniard said at the pre -match press conference. “He is back now, which means that the alarm is about to sound, and it is difficult for him to be stopped.”

“We look forward to the best state of Oba. He is a great person, a great player.”

A series of health issues of Obameyan restricted his contribution to the Gunner’s 2020-21 season.

The 31 -year -old player is also trying to adapt to the new role of Alda coaching, but in 35 games so far, he still scored 15 goals.

Emery also praised Grannite Zaka, although the latter was deprived of the captain’s qualifications in the final stage of his coaching chief court because of conflicts with some fans in the match with some fans in the match.

Zaka returned to Arsenal’s startup under the coach of Alda. Emery was glad to see his performance in the Premier League.

“He should stay at a club like Arsenal, and he should be respected by people,” he said. “Actually my thoughts were the same as now.”

“He is an extraordinary football player and an equally extraordinary person. I am really glad that he can enjoy it in Arsenal.”

The total winner of the game between Villarreal and Arsenal will play against the victims between Manchester United and Rome at the Miyesky Stadium in Ghotia, Poland on May 26.

After Manchester United defeated Rome with 6-2, Manchester United has reached the finals in a foot. If Arsenal can complete the reversal of Biliareal, they will have a confrontation within the Premier League.

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