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Embiid 38+12 thick eyebrows 31+12 Lakers lost to 76 people 3 consecutive defeats

On December 10th, Beijing time, the Lakers lost to 76 people after an overtime of 122-133.

Data: 76ers, Embiid 38 points, 12 rebounds, 5 assists, Melton 33 points, 4 rebounds, 7 steals, Harden 28 points and 12 assists, Harris 14 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assists.

Lakers, 31 points and 12 rebounds, James 23 points, 4 rebounds, 6 assists, River’s 25 points and 5 assists, Walker 15 points, Wei Shao 12 points, 11 rebounds, 11 assists and 4 steals.

The 76ers who played at home took the lead in the first quarter. Embiid scored 20 points in 8 of 9 of 9 shots, and the Lakers team only scored 20 points. The 76ers led 11 points in the first quarter.James led the team in the second quarter. At the end of the halftime, there were only 2 points left.In the third quarter, Melton felt hot, and scored 17 points in 6 in 6 in a single quarter to help 76 people start the score.

There were 5 minutes left in the fourth quarter, and the Lakers fell 19 points behind, but the Lakers had not given up. By the last 28 seconds of the game, the Lakers narrowed the difference to single digits.At this time, they had not given up, and continuously caused their opponents to make mistakes. At the last moment of the game, they got a free throw and had the opportunity to kill the game.

In the overtime, James, Weiso and Rivers were empty baskets in succession, and 76 people played a climax of 13-2 easily.

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  1. A total of 2 points in the overtime, James assisted.Kuroko only fell in love with James.

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    FanfanmixedinDongcheng 11 12 月, 2022 at 2:13 上午

    Today is really lost in James. The other players fight back the overtime, and he was abolished by him.Now there is only my own data in my eyes.

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    MixedinDongchengFanfan 11 12 月, 2022 at 2:13 上午

    Hey, when the thick eyebrows were on the court, James really shot too much; the thick eyebrows should be about 18 times, and James should be reduced to about 18 times.

  4. After watching the last section of the addition, what is James staying on the court? Retired in place.There was a ball impression. The right side of the 45 -degree three -point line on the right side was held. After the time when the time was pressed, the remaining 5 seconds were left. Start a step immediately to the thickened eyebrows on the right side.You can go up and play

  5. Shandong version of Durex

  6. Lakers are finished!

  7. Non -score after two consecutive games, 0 points in the last quarter of the knight, 0 points today, this is the ability to lead the team …

  8. and he is not hypocritical, sincere, never find excuses

  9. James is indeed not enough this season (it is also a hundred times more than 38 -year -old Tie Wangqiang), but James in 2020 was aid king and won the FMVP with high -life efficiency in the finals.Looking at it, Gou Di was tortured without personal appearance, and the fans of the low -energy iron king Gou Di looked for himself.

  10. [Hee hee]

  11. It is still hot, regardless of the good or bad, there are always a group of people around, but sighing 77, letters, lazy rabbits and others are so good but no one asks [laughsCry]

  12. If I remember correctly, Melton should be selected by the Rockets 😂😂😂

  13. Say good right to give right, one, 31 points, 22 points, 23 points, and the puppet gentleman washIt ’s not clean

  14. The thick eyebrows shot 13 times, and River made 15 shots. The efficiency of others is not low, one 31 points, one 25 points, and then watching James.Divided, 8 three -pointers were thrown into one. It can be said that the effort of thick eyebrows and Riveris also made the three doubles of the Wei Shao make it meaningless. It is really disgusting.The decentralization reduction is reduced, and there is no hope of the Lakers at all

  15. Today, there should be a goal to get a time racing Azhong to get the ball and make a mistake and make a mistake.You have delayed the game of playing this goods.For 411 or tickets?Does the Lakers really want to put it rotten?Is it to make a parallel brush to prevent thick eyebrows?

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