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Dutch goalkeeper: Messi is just an ordinary person, I can throw his penalty

In the World Cup 1/4 final, the Netherlands will usher in Argentina. Dutch goalkeeper Nobot said that he has prepared for a penalty shootout, and he said that Messi is just an ordinary person.ball.

Nobot said: “I have been preparing, he may also throw penalty kicks, and this year’s World Cup has been thrown, so for me, even if Messi is the main penalty penalty, he is also an ordinary person.. Of course he is an excellent player, but I dare to be sure that he can throw out his penalty. “

This year’s World Cup Messi scored 3 goals in 4 games and assists once. In the group stage against Poland, he fined 1 penalty kick.In the Argentine national team, Messi used the penalty to score 21 goals, but also lost 5 times.

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