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During the suspension of the Western Heroes, the competition area appeared in the competition area to add a suspension

On January 3rd, Beijing time, the CBA league issued a ticket to the head coach and player of the Nanjing Tongxi team again. Xiping Lijiang, which was in violation of the rules during the suspension, was suspended for a suspension.

On January 2nd, during the match against Tongxi, Guangdong, the head coach and player of the Nanjing Tongxi team in the suspension punishment, appeared in the field area in violation of the rules.In order to take serious league discipline, in accordance with Article 11 of the “Chinese Men’s Basketball Professional League Disciplinary Guidelines” (referred to as “Disciplinary Guidelines”), the head coach and player of the Nanjing Tongxi team, Xichi RiverThe punishment is the game of January 8, 2023 (field 231).

Earlier, Xiping River was suspended for 5 games and had been suspended for 3 games, and 3 games had been performed. In addition, the latest fines were suspended for 1 game. Xiping Lijiang also had to perform 3 suspension.

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    Willalwaysbetoofaraway.|User7784859593 1月 4, 2023 at 2:23 上午

    It is forbid him to enter the competition area, and he has entered.In the past, it seemed that Guo Shiqiang had a ban on the game.

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  8. It is estimated that it is forbidden to enter the competition area. As a result, he ran again, so.EssenceEssence

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