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Durant talks about James will become a historical scoring king: very great

On November 26th, Beijing time, according to the famous NBA reporter Nick Freder, the Nets as the Nets, Kelvin Durant, were interviewed and talked about how to view LeBron James.

Durant said: “It becomes the first in any field, and there are 8 billion people around the world. This number was only counted last week, so it became the first in the field of basketball. James is about to become NBA historical scores.The first person in the list, I believe that for him, there will be a lot of emotions when you achieve this achievement. The era of being able to witness this achievement is also cool. You may not even imagine that James, his family, and friends will be willThe emotions and feelings of experience, but it is cool to witness all this at close range. “

At present, James’s career score has 37311 points, which is 1077 points from NBA History Score.

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