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Durant responded why he did not urge Owen to get vaccine: he is an adult

On November 17th, Beijing time, the Nets star of the Nets, Kevin Durant, accepted an exclusive interview with the famous NBA reporter Chris Haynes and talked about teammates Kerry Ivin.

Talking about the public opinion that the outside world did not urge Irving to take vaccines and cause the Nets to cause the Nets. Durant said: “Because I did not urge Irving to vaccine, or I did not condemn him often to leave the team because of personal affairs, many people said that I am notLeader, am I not a leader? What does this ** mean? I can’t tell an adult what he can do, what he can’t do, analyzes his point of view or how he thinks of messy questions. “

Earlier, Irving was banned because of not vaccine. Durant, the boss of the team, was also questioned by fans, thinking that he failed to bear the responsibility of a team leader.

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  1. Adu is not a leader, that is, a general

  2. Of course you will not be a good leader -the leader is to guide the subordinates to move forward in the correct direction!Instead of ignoring the error.

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