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Du Feng: Zhou Qi comes to Iran for 14 hours. This is the power of the role model.

Beijing time on November 12th, the 2023 Basketball World Cup qualifier group F, the Chinese men’s basketball team 81-72 Like Iran. With the victory of this game, the Chinese men’s basketball team locked the qualifications of the 2023 World Cup in advance.

Zhou Qi came to Iran to fight side by side with the national team. Although he did not play in the game, Du Feng also expressed his gratitude to Zhou Qi again after the game.

“I want to thank Zhou Qi here. He flew from Australia for 14 hours and came to Iran for 14 hours, and insisted on the competition. Thank you Zhou Qi here for the power of our Chinese men’s basketball example. “Du Feng said.

“Everyone also knows that in the CBA league, everyone in the team has been walking back and forth in the state of competition, national team concentration and isolation in the past two years, and everyone has no time to go to Guangzhou. Including Sun Minghui, Abdul Salam and Lu Wenbo, who did not come this time, everyone was concentrated with injuries. Captain Wang Zhelin said that I was particularly moved, that is, when the team is in trouble, everyone must give it Support, the country recruits, and comes to fight. This is the spiritual appearance of our men’s basketball team. “

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  1. Not far away, with injuries to the competition, there is enough heart [like]

  2. Why do the Chinese team win the ball, but you are like a mourning test?

  3. Before the curse of Du Feng and the players, they were not soulful, and they were beaten up. It was very fast to win the game and other World Cups. Puzzling] [Puzzle] [Popular]

  4. The current Iranian team can win that team in the CBA league? [Yun Bei] [Yun Bei] [Yun Bei] [Yun Bei]

  5. It sounds like ironicing some people, this does not seem to be good

  6. The country convened, the call can be, there is a dedication, the collective will always remember you, the citizens will be grateful for you, not like you, not like you, unlikely Those ones,,,.

  7. Reply
    ZhangSanFindLiFour2014 11月 12, 2022 at 2:06 上午

    Hiding in the snow pot, no love for the country, shame.

  8. Guo Ailun was suppressed by many parties: the Guangdong team was suppressed, was suppressed by the Basketball Association, and was suppressed by the team because of strong ability, straight personality, and was not good at doing things.

  9. King finally proved himself, excellent! [Like] [Good] [Ye]

  10. Support Du Feng! When the country needs it, some people hide.

  11. Du Feng finally woke up. Without the Asian guards who gangs, the Chinese team would unite and finally win.

  12. The patriotic feelings are high and low

  13. The battle of tongue is useless, it turns out everything! Without the gangsters of the Asian guards, the Chinese team will unite and have the ambition to win. This will provide a reference for future national team coaches.

  14. Sometimes say that Zhou Qi is from Liaoning.

  15. Du Feng said a word.

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