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Du Feng: All the team’s fines are all on the top without playing this ball.

On January 8th, Beijing time, in the 23rd round of the CBA regular season, the Guangdong team lost to the Zhejiang team 103-114, and 13 consecutive victories were ended.

In this game, the Guangdong team won 25 free throws, and the Zhejiang team won 36 free throws. The number of fouls of the two teams was 36 to 24.After the game, the head coach of the Guangdong team Du Feng also talked about the free throw at the press conference.

“I think the core stars and the most important parts on the basketball court are players. They should let players show their technology and value on the court, not our coaches, nor others.Many of the states of lace, in fact, I think we are coaches, and I don’t know how to teach athletes how to play and how to defend. “Du Feng said.

“If all the team’s fines in the league are at the forefront of the league, I don’t think this ball does not need to play. Everyone still has a heart to treat the game to let the players play their own ball instead of saying that they just go blindly to go blindly.The penalty game, this kind of game is very weak. “

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  1. Liaoning people just had a scar and forgot to hurt, and did not want to think about why Zhao Jiwei was angry. As long as he had the opportunity to Black the Guangdong team, he could not even have a face.

  2. Resolutely agree [hee hee] [haha]

  3. Use a round of data to speak.Guangdong is winning Zhejiang, and Guangdong has a lot of free throws.Guangdong guests are winning in Liaoning, and there are many free throws in Guangdong.

  4. Du Feng is a splash!

  5. Du Feng used this set of war to bring the national team to Australia and was sent out eight. The last four players played the entire field.[Haha]

  6. The last game in Guangdong won more free throws than Zhejiang.In the last goal of Guangdong, there were still more free throws than Liaoning.Du Feng wants to use data to speak with data.

  7. Regardless of what Du Feng said is right, is it a punishment to comment on the referee?

  8. Speaking of [good] [good] [good]

  9. Did Du Feng a martial arts coach before Du Feng as a basketball coach?

  10. Losing is the same, this is too shameful [Khan]

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    BananaWindowinvitesmonthly71256 1月 8, 2023 at 2:27 上午

    Showing immoral fouls. The opponent must have a lot of fines. Du Feng understands?

  12. Play monkeys on Du Feng, play monkeys under the field!IntersectionIntersectionNone of the best coaches …

  13. Du Feng is a scum!

  14. Last year, you said so to Liaoning. As a result, it was done by Liaoning 3: 0. Today, I said this again.[Haha] [Haha] [Haha]

  15. It is cheap to sell well.

  16. Due to the strong sense of inferiority of the Guangdong fans, the inferiority of the inferiority of the Guangdong fans, reversing black and white, nonsense, perverted behavior, living in national fans (of course, Cantonese fans insist that there are only Liaoning, Sichuan, Beijing, up to Xinjiang, Shandong, ShandongFans in Shanghai (now added Zhejiang). It can also be said to be the nation!) The mockery is allergic and cannot take care of themselves!

  17. Guangdong is the dirtiest team. Du Feng was the least qualified to say the referee. Hu Ari Xujie was not a defense, stretching legs, getting started, wrestling, and his crotch.

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