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Dream chasing: I want to pay tribute to Curry’s performance in G4 to save me

On December 17, Beijing time, dreaming of dreams should be paid to Curry.In the latest issue of “Throwing Bones”, Dremond Green recalled his performance in the 2022 finals, saying that G4 saved him in Curry, if the warrior lost, he would be murdered out.Essence

“I really performed in G3,” I said, “I heard everything you can hear in that stadium, and I heard everything., But that’s not the same. “

“Enter G4 with a total score of 1 to 2, I just think, I want to calm down. I want to pay tribute to Goat Stephen Curry, because in G4, I still did not retrieve myself, and then he saved me.The performance is why I have not been murdered. “

“We were about to lose G4 at the time, and he saved us. If we lose, I will be murdered. I was still stuck on the bench at G4. By the way, I feel very disrespectful.It is regarded as a personal grievance, because for me, the only important thing is to win the championship. “

In G4, Curry 26 of 26 shots, 7 of 14 points for three points, 8 of 9 of 9 of the free throw, and scored 43 points, 10 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 blocks.Among the 1 of 1 of Dream 7, only 2 points, 9 rebounds and 8 assists and 4 steals.The Warriors won 107-97.(魑))

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