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Dream -by -time journey another season F4 Formula China Championship ended successfully

On December 11th, 2022 Shell Xili International Automobile Federation F4 Formula China Championship Pingtan ended in the winter twilight.The decisive battle was made in the season.As another season ended, the 2022 Shell Xili International Auto Federation F4 Formula China Championship’s major annual awards were also announced on the post -match awards dinner.

Xie Yonglin, who participated in the competition for the first time, set a stunning record of the fourteen wins and twelve wins in his son season.He showed his hard -working results. He became the runner -up of the year’s annual runner -up this season.Xu Shenghui, representing Leo Geeke (Liongco) team, showed the potential of competing for sub -stations and annual victory in the Ningbo Station. In the case of absence of Macau and Pingtan Station, he still held the driver’s cup year yearThe location of the third place.

As a solid backing of the drivers, the unremitting efforts of each team in the game are indispensable.In the competition of the team’s annual award, the CD RACING team and Leo Geeke (Liongo) teams won the team’s annual runner -up and annual third place respectively.

Many outstanding drivers also show their strength in this year’s competition. Among the annual awards of the CFGP group, Lu Jingxi, the driver of the Sudo Himeli team, rely on his outstanding and stable performance. Xu Shenghui and Jing Zefeng won the annual runner -up of the year and the annual third place of the year.In terms of the master group, Zheng Hui, the CD Racing team, won the annual victory. BlackJack 21 racing driver Fu Zhenjiang and Yingli Team Huang Yaoming won the annual runner -up and annual third runner -up.The best rookie this season was collected by Yang Shengwei of the Racing-Yong team.

The competition throughout the season is inseparable from the support and efforts of all walks of life. The annual diamond partners are Shell Xili, Geely Automobile, Kujin Tire and SAIC -GM Wuling Automobile.Car servants, Biqi Han, Il Tuo tools, Du Ya, Quanyangquan mineral water, Hoishun, Midigiri, Foss and other companies.

Witness the wonderful duel on the top of the Great River

The 2022 season She Shell Xili International Automobile Federation F4 Formula China Championship was unveiled in Ningbo in August in midsummer.Tan Riyi Lake International Circuit Three top stadiums.At full speed sprints, pursuit of love, the Jedi counterattack, multi -car struggle, wheel pairs … All the participating drivers have contributed to the wonderful pictures of the scenes in the fourteen duels of the three places.

The new generation of starlight shines

During the racing campaign, the fighting between the new generation genius and the emperor of the past always endured lasting.However, Xie Yonglin, who was promoted from the Kakang arena to the F4 event, dismissed everyone’s doubts with amazing play. With its absolute dominance, Xie Yonglin drove a racing car with the Jinhu S700 tires in the start of the season.Essence

Until the peak battle of Macau Station, he met local hero Zheng Yingcong and Liang Hanzhao.Hot topic.Facing the two consecutive sessions of the Fourth -level Formula of Grand Macau, Liang Hanzhao, and Xie Yonglin had both offensive and defensive offensive and defensive.

In the final final of Macau Station, Xie Yonglin welcomed the challenge of another enemy Zheng Yingcong.Zheng Yingcong, who fought at home, had a god assistant in this contest. When he fell to the end of the team, he staged a good super drama all the way to the next two consecutive finals.On the unfamiliar Dongwangyang track, Xie Yonglin could not resist Zheng Yingcong’s fierce offensive, and “rare” tasted the taste of defeat.Zheng Yingcong also realized his dream, and finally boarded the highest podium in front of his hometown father.

In the past, the king Liang Hanzhao was unsatisfactory in this year’s Grand Macau Grand Jizhi Racing. Liang Hanzhao faced the defeat in the face of an extremely difficult experience.He has never given up his victory.In the confrontation with the past “enemy” Zheng Yingcong and the rising star Xie Yonglin, Liang Hanzhao also believed 100 % to believe the strength of Chinese freshmen.

In addition to the above three stars, there are many rookies as young and energetic as they are.Lu Jingxi showed his progress in the constant battle; Xu Shenghui proved that he had the strength to win the championship in the city; Wang Bingxin, who had just passed the game, went forward as soon as he entered the field;I have contributed to the wonderful fight for us; after joining the fire from the Macau Station, Jing Zefeng has not been afraid of challenges, fighting for the first time, and two other drivers who graduate from the kart arena -Liao Qishun and Ma Yuetong in Langdao Street in Langao Street in the final battle.Fighting is difficult to solve.

During the consecutive battle, the racing stars belonging to China spared no effort to show us their talents and style.It is worth mentioning that Xie Yonglin will use the “Formula Star” Formula Star Plan to challenge the higher field after the season, and he is looking forward to the next play.

Cross -border participation in challenge self

The drivers from other events and related industries are Shell Xili International Automobile Form Formula Formula China Championship this season.The concept of the original, pure, pure, and speed of the Formula Motors makes people who love the car are fascinated by the car.Masters from many forms of races such as domestic RVs, GT, endurance, and endurance have come to Formula Racing Curdine to pursue the victory.Yang Shengwei, who is based on the track designer, learns F4 racing driving from a professional perspective and understands the new track. He has gradually entered a good realm and more freely in the competition.The good record also allowed him to successfully win the title of “Best Rookie” this season.Wu Zedong, Ni Siming, Lou Duan, Lin Lifeng, Jiang Wei, Lin Jinxin, Zhang Zihao, Ye Pengcheng, Pan Yanqing, Lu Sixiang and other drivers are all good players who are active in other top domestic events or the racing industry.It has also gained a unique experience, and each has its own gains.

Of course, this year’s game is also indispensable for the return of the past championship players. Wei Sui and Li Qingxin, who had won the competition group, have boarded the highest award podium of the event, Shang Zongyi and Besling.The season is re -dotted.They may have a different identity, a different state of mind, but they have not changed their desire to break through themselves, and their love for racing and speed.

Yinghao is still chasing dreams

For a long time, the experienced drivers such as Zheng Hui, Huang Yaoming, Li Wanqi, Zeng Weiye, and racing enthusiasts who have the dream of speed, such as Fu Zhenjiang, continued their driving in the Charles F4 Formula Formula Formula China Championship.The passion of the car, love for racing.They have become the goal of chasing learning by young drivers, and their persistence and persistence in the car care has made us respectful.

See you next year

In this year full of pressure and release, Shell Xili International Automobile Federation F4 Formula China Championships gathered together with the drivers of all parties.Thanks to all sponsors, teams and drivers for their strong support and participation. Next season, Shell Xili International Auto Federal F4 Formula China Championship will be committed to bringing you more professional, exciting and ornamental competitions.expect!

Thanks to the title of the event, the official strategic partner, the official designated lubricant-Shell Xili, the official strategic partner-Geely Automobile, the official designated safety vehicle & medical vehicle-Xingyue S, thank you official strategic cooperationPartner, the only official designated tire-Jinhu tire, thank you only the official designation car-Wuling Automobile, the official self-recommended car maintenance products brand-car servant, thank you official clothing partner-Biqi Han, thank you official cars, thank you official carsPaint/car film partner-Du Ya, thank you official tool partners-Yierta Tools, thank the official designated drinking water-Quanyangquan, thank you official partner-Ho Shun, thank you official partner-Midi MidiJi, thank the official brake oil partner, Fosh for strong support for this season’s Shell F4 Formula Formula!

About Formula 4

F4, Fourth -level Formula, is an Formula event founded by the International Automobile Federation in 2014. Young people who are 15 years of age can participate after receiving Formula Training Course.The F4 equations aims to fill the gap between the kart and F3, and build a road from kart to F4 and F2 for young drivers. Finally, it enters F1’s promotion path.Shell Xili International Automobile Federation F4 Formula China Championship was founded in 2015. It is the Formula of the Formula of the International Automobile Federation in China.The Championships is hosted by the China Automobile Motorcycle Sports Federation, and the Mingtai Racing Sports Co., Ltd. is exclusively operated and promoted. Shell Xili exclusively championship is designed to cultivate more adolescent drivers to the world’s top competitions such as F1.

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