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DP World Tour Championship Xiaofei Leading Wu Ashun grabbed 9 birds and rose to T20


Fitz Patrick (left) and Handaton

Beijing time on November 19th, this year, the US Open Champions Matt Fitz Patrick and Tyrier Hatton played hard to solve the points at the Dubai Jumera Galf Manor Stadium on Friday and expanded the leading advantage to three shots. Continue to lead the second round of the World Tour Championships of the DP World Tour Championship with a total of 10 million US dollars in the DP World Tour of 10 million US dollars, while Chinese Shuangxiong Wu Ashun and Li Haotong are ranked 20th and 49th respectively.

In the first round, Fitz Patrick and Haron, who were at the top of the performance list, both scored 67 (-5) in the second round, and held the 36-hole side-led with a total score of 132 (-12).

“Really, I really feel satisfied with my performance again, yes, the grade is so good, this is a wonderful day,” said after the 9th place in the world, “I am currently in my current The level of ball skills is free, especially after three weeks of rest, I look forward to the weekend. I feel that I already have two rounds of excellent starts. I put myself in the position of the championship. See what good shows will be on Sunday. “

The 27th in the world is also satisfied with his performance on Friday. “I feel that I have played a pretty good golf as a whole. Now there are 36 holes to play. Matt has a good record here, but you know, we will enjoy each other’s companionship tomorrow, I hope we can continue to perform well. “


The second round of leading list

Swedish famous Alexander-Norlen and Spanish player Adri Arnos scored 69 and 68 respectively, ranking third in tongue with 135 (-9) total scores. The Spanish famous general Joan Ram surrendered 66, and the total score of Jorge Campillo (65), the compatriot, ranked fifth in the ranking.

The American player Kurit-Beishan handed over 69, with a total score of -7, ranking seventh. Tommy Flitwood 70, Las Mus-Hyog 70, Li Yiyu 67, total score-6, ranked eighth in the ranking.

The world’s first Rori McLouri surrendered 68, rising with a total score of 139 (-5) to the 11th place.


Wu Ashun’s second round score card

Wu Ashun, who ranked at the end of the first round, rebounded strongly in the second round. He captured 9 birds, swallowed 1 cypress taboos, hit 64 (-8), and soared with 142 (-2). Two -place.

In contrast, Li Haotong’s status has not improved quickly. He got 3 birds, but there were 6 babies appeared. The next day the next day, 75 (+3) was scored with 150 (+6) total scores. Sliding to 49th.

Sina Golf will bring you the third round of the third round of the DP World Tour Finals-DP World Tour Championships at 13:00 this afternoon, and watch the mobile Japanese war together!

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