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Doom: injury+suspension running through the Hong Kong season throughout the season is really bad


Shanggang crowd to thank the game after the game

After the AFC Champions League was eliminated, Shanghai Port Shanghai and Hong Kong’s last shame this season was also opened. One after another in the FA Cup and the AFC Champions League was eliminated, and the league could not see the hope of winning the championship. I am afraid that Shanghai Port will face this season. The four are empty. Just as the fragmented schedule this season, the lineup of Shanghai Port this season is also very messy. It can be said that the injuries and suspension run through the entire season of bad luck. [Suggestion is too unexpected? Big data prediction AFC Champions League Cai Lottery] [Xu Yang He Wei and other big coffee interpretations] [Download app]

The AFC Champions League’s 1/4 final against Pu and Red Diamonds is very important for Shanghai Port, because they have lost their competitiveness in the league, and they have been eliminated early in the Football Association Cup. The AFC Champions League has become the only stage they hope to realize their dreams. However, in the first round, Hulk had a total of two yellow cards in the second round. In the case of 2-2 home at home at home, the Shanghai-Hong Kong second round must let go. And in the league just past, Shanghai Port was hit again, and Ahamadov was also injured and could not afford to afford to the ground. Essence

Looking back at the journey of Shanghai Port this season, the multi -line operation of Shanggang has been suffering from injuries. At the beginning of the season, even a complete backup line was not allowed. The team suffered the first season in the second round of the AFC Champions League. Since then, Lu Wenjun, who replaced Wu Lei, was also fractured by his teammates by mistake. Ah Mamodov’s injury stopped, Hulk’s injury … In short, the lineup of the second Hong Kong seemed to have not been complete this season. Essence

However, compared to the incomplete lineup, more people will blame the poor record of Shanghai Port to the coach Prara. After the whole season, Pereala seems to have been struggling between the 3 -back and the 4th guard. After leaving Ikson, I couldn’t find the instruction manual for the newly introduced Adidovich at all. In short, the 2019 season of Shanghai Port cannot be regarded as success.

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