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Dongcic’s unbelievable triple doubles ranked 2nd high since joining the season

On November 21, Beijing time, Dongcic deserves to be a three -double machine.Recently, the NBA official ranked the team and players after the 2008-09 season. Dongcic ranked second with 50 times and ranked second in the NBA, second only to the Nuggets.

Since the 2008-09 season, the NBA team ranked according to the number of three doubles, and the Nuggets were the first in 63 times.The Lakers ranked third with 45 times, while Wizards and Thunder were tied after 43 times.Dongcic ranked second with 50 times.

Being able to rank second as a player, Dongcich can be described as the most outstanding players in recent years.He has now had four three doubles this season, and the last time he has been in the Nuggets recently. He scored 33 points and 12 rebounds and 11 assists.(魑))

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  1. Niu Tou is not right.

  2. So how many times the Lone Ranger Team, which is the ranking of more than 40 three doubles in the season of Wei Shao Thunder.Brush

  3. It should be since the 18-19 season, the editor wrote the wrong writing as the 08-09 season [Laughing Cry]

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