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Dongcic played two consecutive games for two consecutive games and sent the five tigers. Only he was negative

On November 11, Beijing time, the Lone Ranger lost continuously, and Dongcic played abnormalities. He thought he had to take responsibility.

Dongcch scored 22 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists. It looked good, but the efficiency was not high.Moreover, Dongcic first issued the only negative value of the five tigers.

The best performance of Lone Ranger was Ding Weiondi, who scored 33 points and 6 assists.

“You have asked this question last night,” Dongcic said. “I have performed badly for two consecutive games. Both these two games blame me. We have to think of a way. We can win, but not.”

The last game was lost to the weak brigade magic. Dongcic scored only 9 of 29 shots and scored 24 points.

The reporter asked him if he was too tired to fight back.Dongcic gave a positive answer, but there were many other factors.(Angkor)

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  1. I am really exhausted.It is difficult to win alone.

  2. Dongzi does not change this method and cannot win the championship

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