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Dongcic confirmed that he will participate in the World Cup last year to lead the team to the top 4

On November 22, Beijing time, according to FIBA official reports, Lonely Dangdang’s star Luca-Dongcic determined that he would play the men’s basketball World Cup in 2023.

Slovenia locks the Men’s Basketball World Cup in 2023 last week. After locking the qualifications, Dongcic immediately confirmed to the chairman of the Slovenian Basketball Association that he would lead the World Cup.

Slovenia led the team to the semi -finals at the Olympic Games last year. This year’s European Championships stopped the quarterfinals. Dongcic attaches great importance to the national team’s competition.Task.

The 2023 Men’s Basketball World Cup competition is from August 25th to September 10th, 2023. The group stage will be held in Indonesia, Japan and the Philippines. The finals will be played in Manila, the capital of the Philippines.

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