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Dongcic 3rd Harvest 30+ Three Double History 7 times in a total of 7 times, he accounted for 5 times

On December 30, Beijing time, the Dallas Lone Ranger team faced the Houston Rockets at home. In this Texas Civil War, Luca-Dongcic became the protagonist again.Under the leadership of Dongcic, the Lone Ranger finally won the opponent 129-14.

In this campaign, Dongcic played for 34 minutes. He scored the highest 35 points in the audience at 11 of 21 shots (4 of 9 shots). At the same time, he sent 13 assists and grabbed 12 rebounds.

Data statistics show that in the first three quarters, Doncic reached 30+ three -pair data, which was the fifth time he had completed such feats.In NBA history, only 7 players have completed the three pairs of 30+ scores in the first three quarters, and Dongcic accounted for 5 of them.The remaining two times were made by James Harden.

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    ColorFieldPrimaryColors 12月 31, 2022 at 3:01 上午

    The number of coaches also requires the trust of the coach to give him soIf you vote, you can call him, but the coach does not trust. Do you say it?It seems that it is not difficult to reach three pairs in three quarters. Have Waoto have been?

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    JiangsuXinlongIntelligentMachinery 12月 31, 2022 at 3:01 上午

    It is recommended that the Lakers use James Wizi to change 077 [Laughing without words]

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  4. The hit rate is not low, there is nothing black

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