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Djo’s first set was suspected of injuries. Amazing 4 consecutive victory over Mei never lost a set to the finals


At the end of the first set of Djo, the accidental condition of the left leg strain occurred, but it still defeated President Mei Mei to advance to the final

On January 7th, Beijing time, 2023 ATP250 Adelaide Station ended the men’s singles semi -final competition.The number one seed in the competition Djokovic took a game with 6-3/6-4 in one hour and 30 minutes to win the game with 6-3/6-4. At the same time as Modewev, it was also the ninth time to defeat the “President President”.Djokovic advances to the final final in the way that he has not lost a plate. In the final, he will face American player Kodak, the latter, 7-6 (5)/1-0 in the game with Japanese player Sigang RenrenWhen I received the opponent’s retirement gift.

This campaign is the 348th of Djo’s career in the face of the top ten in the world, surpassing 347 Federer, becoming the first in history.In the first game, Djokovic was suspected of straining the left leg when the 5-2 led, leaving the field, and then wrapped the bandage to continue the game, and won the two sets, 6-3/6-4 scoresIt is exactly the same as the last round of elimination of Sabavarov.Djokovic won 22 of them in the nearly 23 singles competitions. This time, it was also his 131 ATP men’s singles final of his career.Tomorrow he will fight with Koda across the Internet, impacting the 92nd crown of his individual!

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  1. God of War!

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    Thefirsttennisinhistory 1月 8, 2023 at 2:30 上午

    The news has been released, I have withdrawn from the Australian Open

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    Thefirsttennisinhistory 1月 8, 2023 at 2:30 上午

    Your math teacher died earlier 22 less than 21,000 thousand -year -old second child.| The state is too early, so I will give it to the Australian Open

  4. Birth comes from belt Cocaine

  5. Blessing

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    militiamushroomcloud 1月 8, 2023 at 2:30 上午

    About one level than other players!

  7. Real hero!Intersection

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    FanYankun-ShenzhouGreatWall 1月 8, 2023 at 2:30 上午

    I was killed by Koda tomorrow

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    RecallingJiangnan6189583049 1月 8, 2023 at 2:30 上午

    The first in history, no controversy!

  10. Pay attention to the injury and keep the state. The Australian Open has a drama

  11. The emperor is unyielding

  12. Too much, my virtue!

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