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Djo’s 11th single -quarter win 5 championship time after 7 years of the finals, holding a cup to create a record


Djokovic at the age of 35 at the age of 35 to win the year -end final men’s singles championship

2022 is an unusual and extraordinary year for Djokovic.In Australia, it was humiliated after twists and turns, but Xiaode, who had always been fighting, still won five championships in the absence of several competitions.After becoming Connas, the second person in the men’s net.After seven years of winning the year-end finals, the championship also broke the record of McCanlo (1978-1983) to win the championship after five years.The 2022 season has been drawn successfully.In the 2023 season, Djokovic will impact the 22nd and even more Grand Slam championship targets!

Djokovic 2022 season champion list

ATP Turin Finals Champions 🏆

Grand Slam champion 温

ATP1000 Roman Masters Champion 🏆

ATP500 Astana Champion 🏆

ATP250 Traviv Champion 🏆

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  1. Will you participate in such a level? You can also ask why there is no challenge champion?

  2. Analysis of reason and reasonableness.

  3. Is there any difference between immigration from immigration? Did you participate?

  4. Xiaide is really too difficult this year. It is worthy of being admirable, whether you are his fan or not.

  5. The same level of the 20th level is the same. It seems that Xiaode likes to collect [Hee Hee]

  6. The dirty forces faced by Djo for a long time are actually not derived from the tennis itself, but the ugly human nature. Essence So your statement is right in a sense.

  7. 250.500.1000.1500.2000. These five champion points can reach 5250. Although they are forced, although they are driven, although 2000 points are not counted, the top five. This level is the coffee of the team. [Hee Hee] [Hee Hee]

  8. The great athlete of the great fighting nation -Novak_Djokovic!

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