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Djokovic has a 19th Grand Slam and is expected to tie the Weinen on Wimbledon


Djokovic Kissing French Open Championship Trophy

In the early morning of June 14, Beijing time, the French Tennis Open men’s singles final came to an end. At the Philip Chadier Stadium, the number one seed in the tournament, the world’s No. 1 Dejokovic, 4 hours and 11 minutes in the battle. In the case of losing 2 sets, 3 sets were pulled, 6-7 (6-8 (6-8 (6-8 (6-8 (6-8 (6-8 (6-8 (6-8 )/2-6/6-3/6-2/6-4 reversed the defeat of the No. 5 seed of the competition, the Greek teenager Sicipas, won the second men’s singles championship, and his 19th big full full Champion.

At present, on the men’s singles Grand Slam championship list, Federer and Nadal topped the list with 20. Before the game, Djokovic lags two in the second place. After the semi-finals reversed Nadal 3-1, Djokovic temporarily set the Spanish French Open championship in 13 for the time being, which also made the latter fail to win the 14th championship of the French Open. Slam, thus led alone.

This is the 29th time Djokovic’s career reached the Grand Slam men’s singles finals, ranking second in history. Federer ranked first in history with 31 times, and Nadal ranked third with 28 times. Following the following Lorer and Samplas, they only reached the Grand Slam finals only 19 times and 18 times, respectively.

Due to the differences between the “three giants” and the types of venue type they are good at each other, all three people have failed to win the four Grand Slam in the same year -although they have all gathered four Grand Slam. In the first time he won the French Open Championship, Djokovic completed the New Year’s Grand Slam (2015 Wimbledon, 2015 US Open, 2016 Australian Open and 2016 French Open). However, in view of the two consecutive years in 2018 and 2019, the Serbians won the championship (2020 due to the new crown epidemic) and his outstanding performance in the Australian Open and the French Open this year, and the Wimbledon Winnon won the championship again three weeks later. The possibility is also quite high.

If Djokovic can win the championship again this year, then he can tie the Time to form a “three giants” and tied 20 Grand Slam to dominate the list together. This will also be the brightest footnote in the unprecedented glory era of men’s nets. And once he won the next Wimbledon and the US Open at the same time, he would be the first person to complete the true “year of the year” in the “three giants”.

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