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Djo proudly holding a double -circle Grand Slam claiming to win Nadal as the top three achievements in his career


Djokovic in the game

In the early morning of June 14, Beijing time, in the men’s singles finals of the 2021 French Open, the number one seed in the competition, the world’s first Djokovic first lost 2 sets, and 3- 3- 2 Reversing the No. 5 seed of the victory match, Greek teenager Sicipas, who won the French Open men’s singles championship for the second time, gained the 19th Grand Slam in his personal career. The Serbians said they were very happy about such achievements.

Within 48 hours, Djokovic first told 3 sets in the semi -finals to reverse the defending champion and the king of Red Earth, Nadal, and then in the finals, he once again wired 3 sets to win the championship. Whether it is psychologically or physical, this is quite difficult. This champion even made him the first men’s singles dual -lap winner in the open era.

“Of course, I am very excited, and I am very proud of this achievement. I think that part of the history of this sport I love wholeheartedly is always very encouraging and very fulfilling. “Djokovic said after the game.

“In the past 48 hours, I can’t be happy about (defeating Nadal), and I can’t be satisfied. It is likely that in my career tennis career I spent, this will always be in all achievements and The top three of the experience. “

“Hetrafa (Nadal) has experienced 4 and a half hours on his court, and then recovered after yesterday without training. Today, when I was full of energy, I came to fight with Sicipas again. After another 4 and a half hours of battle, this was the first Grand Slam final he played. “

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