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Djo: I will fight for the finals and never give up to find a better self


Djokovic: Listen to me, what is the champion mentality

In Turin’s 4 -game winning streak, 6 consecutive kills of Freitz, the 8th time he broke into the ATP year -end finals, Djokovic was a trophy of the 6th Finals, and the highest bonus in the history of ATP a step far. After the 35 -year -old Serbian King locks the championship qualification, I said that the last game of the season will fight!

“I have been looking forward to being able to enter the final decisive battle, and I am very happy to compete for another important champion. This is one of the most important honors of tennis. As of now, this is a great week for me. . Of course, for the last game of the season, I will pay everything and fight. “

“After experiencing a long battle to defeat Medvedev, without much time to restore adjustments to return to the stadium the next day, I won Frizz in another fierce confrontation. This is the fact. I like it very much. This defines my career for many years to some extent. I have also had similar situations before. I can reconcile after the hard battle and truly achieve some major victory. “

“I am willing to believe that I am like other people, I hope to progress in a positive way. My body is changing, of course, and my mentality, ideas and personality. We are all progressing and moving forward. Every year we are different. People. Of course, as you are different, you will adapt to them and try to become a better self than the previous year. Not only in terms of sports ability, results, or tennis, but on the whole. “

“I have richer experience, and I also believe that I have a deeper understanding in what I think of my career and life. It is different from what I saw 15 years ago. My methods and analysis of the methods and methods of handling inside and outside the court have always been thorough and clear. “

“” As I grow older, year after year, more things happen, more experience and lessons, and more things are added, some may be put on hold. These things have created a successful formula, right You are effective, but it may be invalid for others. “

“Of course I want to win the final championship, but I will not be the only player who has such ideas on the court. I hope that in the final, I can play my own level during most of this week and win a championship . “At 2 am on November 21, Beijing time, Djokovic will start the ultimate matchup with Rud.

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  1. Forever Novak Djokovic.

  2. Just talk about Lao De directly, the older little virtue [hee hee] [hee hee] [hee hee]?

  3. Indeed, both of them are first -rate regardless of the ball and character. Natto is very similar to Ronaldo.

  4. Djo continued to win the final battle. Andy Lau called you the elder brother: Niu De is very [received] [received]

  5. Djo, Nadal, Federer is the greatest player in the history of the Internet, you You can not like them, but you are degraded and attacking any players in them.

  6. Those who pursue the ultimate perfection are worthy of respect!

  7. Come on by Djo, and strive to win all levels of this level this year, it is the 1500th level!

  8. Xiaode won the champion plus 4.74 million bonuses.

  9. The fee is retired, Nippi is soft, and Germany is still moving!

  10. 35 -year -old Djo, 35 -year -old Messi, my favorite two people! Hope the all seal the king!

  11. Under the pressure of difficulties and fame and fortune, we will not change their original intentions, constantly challenge and surpass themselves, and constantly define their career or even tennis. This is the spirit of sports. , A pair of kings 8 lambs, none of them will end.

  12. Just look good after the opening of the World Cup, beer peanuts and melon seeds, watch the wonderful championship battle

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    BuyangFairyMountainScenicArea 11月 20, 2022 at 2:19 上午

    Come on

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